Tuesday, November 5, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 45 - apple slab pie

HOLY COW. This pie. It is a winner. Favorite apple pie ever. It's a Smitten Kitchen recipe, and homegirl knows her pies.

Rolling out that gigantic crust was interesting, but not impossible at all. Also, this pie is baked in a seriously shallow baking dish! It's like a cookie sheet!

A slice of heaven. Seriously. It is very very very good and I've had two pieces tonight. I love pies for their crust and this pie has an excellent crust to filling ratio. Deb's pie crust recipe is unbeatable and in NEEDS to be in your baking arsenal, stat. Also, this pie is totally sturdy enough to hold in your hand. PIE ON THE GO! Such a winner.

And because I could go on for hours about this pie, I'm just going to highly suggest that you make it as soon as possible (it would be excellent at a Thanksgiving feast) and leave you with this blurry shot of Brendon thoroughly enjoying a slice of this baked masterpiece.

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