Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flower power dress

I was extra creative with the name of this post, no? This dress is Simplicity/Lisette1878. It's a simple shift dress with different sleeve options, I went with the three-quarter sleeve. It was a breeze to sew and offered zero complications. It's super straight forward and it fits great, straight from the pattern. This is my first dress, not costume, that has longer sleeves on it, and it will be a welcomed addition to my closet! I've got sundresses galore.

Excuse the terrible apartment lighting.

I made this dress in some extra soft cotton with a cute flowery print. I thought the dress had a little of a 60's vibe, so I rolled with it and went flower child. There's some actually pretty extensive top stitching on this dress that you totally can't see because of this pattern. The top of the dress is actually four panels, two large that form the skirt as well and two small yokes for the top of the bodice. It's quite fun and the top stitching would be neat in a contrast color, and if you weren't sewing onto a sea of flowers. It just looks like one big piece of fabric, but that's okay!

Props to the zipper for not giving me hell. I hate sewing zippers. HATE IT.

Aaaaand most of the pictures Brendon takes of me look like this:

I'm a fairly tall chica, but Brendon makes me look short! Big head little feet.

This dress is seriously comfortable and I'm sure it will get plenty of use this winter. I have some red tights that would love to meet this dress. And I find the sleeves to be completely perfect. Sleeves usually a little weird on my since I have stretcho arms, but these hit at a great length and fit so well. They have just the slightest flare at the end and I love it!

I already have ideas of making other versions of this dress because it was so easy and it's so comfy! I'd like to try it in a solid color so that you can see the top stitching. Because sewing in a relatively straight line should be celebrated!

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