Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Did you all have a spooktacular Halloween? Mine was pretty good! We started the festivities a couple nights before with a door decorating and pumpkin carving party. Our apartment complex was having a "decorate your door contest" so of course we participated. Although we didn't win, I think our door is pretty fantastic.

I carved my pumpkin into a snarky vampire and Brendon carved his into a Cyberman. Kudos to you if you get that reference! Carving pumpkins is so fun, we ended up skipping it last year because I was in Dallas for a week, so I was very ready to get my carve on this year!

And now, dun dun dun... the costumes!

Brendon was Hugh Hefner. This was definitely a last minute thing. I was supposed to make him a different costume, but I ran out of time. Although I did make that smoking jacket. For our company Christmas card we take crazy photos every year, and this year we all dressed in smoking jackets. And of course I made mine. That jacket he's wearing was made for me, it is an extra small! Yet it is HUGE! I used a bathrobe pattern and just shortened it to smoking jacket length. Brendon added the hat and walked around school all day with a stuffed bunny. Classy.

I was Glinda the Good Witch for Halloween! This costume was a challenge for sure. I had a decent pattern to start with, but I changed quite a bit. I completely re-did the sleeves and ended up drafting my own pattern for the pale pink undersleeve. Their sleeves didn't stick out quite enough and Glinda rocks some killer sleeves. I shortened the whole dress, lowered the neckline (always), and instead of sewing the bodice with facings, I fully lined the whole thing and altered the collar as well.

I hand sewed all those star sequins on the collar, and then said eff that and glued the rest on. There are sequins on the collar, sleeves, and skirt. And I hand placed every single one. Because I'm insane.

The hat was the crucial piece. The hat is what makes this Glinda and not just some princess dress. It was fun to make, although the mylar I used for it was hard to track down. Luckily detective Brendon found some at a blueprinting company downtown. (Shout out to Miller Blueprint! You guys are the nicest!) I got wild with glitter glue and sequins and am very happy with how it turned out! And it actually stayed on my head all day (I wore this ridiculous getup all day at work).

I am pretty satisfied with how the whole thing turned out. There is a lot more I wanted to do (never enough sparkles!) but unfortunately Halloween snuck up on me this year and I ran out of time. It also doesn't fit me as well as I'd like. The bodice could use taking in a few inches, but since I'm crazy and fully lined it, it is not a simple fix so I just rolled with it. It was comfy anyway!

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a couple Halloween Hogan's.

It was a very good Halloween. And because we're nutzo, I think we've already got our costumes planned for next year. Maybe if I start now, I'll get Brendon's done in time. He was supposed to be the Wizard of Oz this year. OH WELL!

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