Saturday, January 10, 2015

My little black book

Y'all. I accidentally stumbled upon the smallest thing today, that seriously rocked my little world.

When I was in college, I had a variety of little notebooks, as you do. To write thoughts, plan things out, sketch etc. May I remind you, I was in art school. Just before my last semester of college I bought a new little black moleskine to do more of these things. Not that I had filled up any notebook previously (does anyone), but sometimes you can't resist a pretty new notebook? Ya know?

Anyway, today I found that moleskine. I was scheming a project and needed some place to write ideas, and I grabbed one of the few (half written in) notebooks on my desk, the moleskine. And I opened it and had one of those insane nostalgic memory trips. I started at the beginning and worked my way through and oh my gosh it's a pretty much exact time line from my last semester (fall 2010?) to I think the summer of 2012? I think that's the last time I wrote in it. YOU GUYS, a lot went down in those two years. A lot. No one cares about this except me, but looking through that little book effected me so much I had to blog about it.

This little book has everything in it. I've got notes for school, planned out paintings, lists of what wood to buy for stretchers, art shows to go see, MATH? (art related geometry of course), review dates, graduation plans?! I mean it was like my planner, sketch book, notebook, everything. Then comes the wedding planning. This was the book I planned my wedding in. Lists, lists, lists, seating charts, layouts of the dance floor, squaring out the wording for our invitations, our music list, honeymoon planning (our flight info, hotels, you name it, it's in there), where to get our marriage license, what we're bringing down to New Braunfels for the wedding week, and in the midst of it all, pharmacy school application stuff??? I mean, it's just a rush of emotions at this point. There's a few games of hangman we played on the plane to Vancouver on our honeymoon. Thank you card lists for wedding presents. THEN WE'RE MOVING TO AUSTIN. I have our new (current) address written down, plans for setting up electricity, cable, etc, and then budgets. Oh man, here comes the part where we are broke broke broke. So much budgeting and numbers and stress and get this, my interview time/address for the barista job at the Bean. My first stores hours, notes to myself to get nonslip shoes and my food handlers certification, HA. Pages upon pages of free things to do in Austin. Lists of video games to rent. Pages upon pages of scores from playing dominos, cards, scrabble, etc. Because that's what we did our first year here. We played games because we couldn't afford to go out. Doodles and doodles and doodles. The plans for my first quilt. The plans to build my easel. Doctors appointments, recipes, brake places for the Xterra, fabric amounts for dresses, plans for the painting that has been half finished in my living room for years. And the last little thing; a list for a camping trip to Arkansas. And then that's it. You know whyyyyy that's it? After that last trip, I came home and started my job as a manager at work. I went from hourly to salary. Boom, metaphor for my life.

If you read all that, good job, you're crazy. If you didn't but are still hanging around, here are some pages that I felt I needed to document. So if this book disappears somehow, the internet will have some of it.

LOL, girls. You know we all do it. Write your name a gazillion times. And once upon a time, I was not a Hogan!

That picture was taken the day after our bachelor/bachelorette parties at my best friend's daughter's first birthday party. I have no idea why it's glued in this book. Also, seating arrangements!

Sorry Mr. Hogan, but that's still the truth. And I am also still a sleepy fatface.

I love that on the side of that last page I wrote "my stomach hates me!" NOT ANYMORE. Yeesh, what a terrible problem that was. Thank god I went vegetarian.

So I mean, you might be like whaaaaaa why the heck? But for me, finding that little book was finding a time machine. A lovely little trip down memory lane. I think it's completely fantastic that I have this little book to document such a... tumultuous (oooOOOooo big word) time in my life. I am sad that I dropped that habit of documenting all the tiny things.

Which leads me to.... what do I do? The book has still got maybe of fourth that is empty. Do I write in it? Or do I leave it as it is? A nice little time capsule representing a certain time period of my small life? Regardless of whether it's in this book or a new one, I'd like to start doing the same again. Because you guys have no idea how much I enjoying stumbling across this book. Okay, maybe now you do. But you get the picture. :)

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