Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pedernales Falls State Park

Today (why yes, today! I am blogging on the same day I did something! Rarity!), we went to Pedernales Falls State Park. We'd been before, but it was in the depressing summer and epic drought of 2011, and water was not a'flowin'. It was a whole different ball game today, that water was moving. The falls were roaring from the recent rains and it was very awesome. We got in the water a bit down at the swimming area and the current was cray-zay! Kids were getting scooted down the river and parents were freaking out. (Everyone was A-okay, just dramatic.)

We hiked around the falls area for a while (and by hiked, I mean leaped over rocks and steams. My joints are going to hate me tomorrow), then settled down near the swimming area to have a picnic.

There was a lot of this. It was hot and the sun was brutal. I'm such a vampire, I can't hang when the suns out.

TAKING SOLACE IN THE SHADE. Trees are our friends. And speaking of friends, lizards everywhere!


We found this sweet rock to have a picnic on next to the river. Contrary to how grumpy I look, it was my happy place. I mean, how perfect is it? Under some trees, right next to the water, off the ground away from bugs; it was great. No lie, I napped for a couple hours under there. I'm really digging napping outdoors.

The swimming looked nice (we just waded in a bit) but like I said, the current was crazy! Such a 180 from the last time we were there. Keep it up rain! It was a really fun and relaxing trip. Pedernales Falls, you're a winner. It still blows my mind how close we are to such lovely places. I feel like more people should take advantage of this. It's sooo cheap and so much fun, get out to those parks, y'all!  Not sure where we're headed next, but we'll be off exploring again soon!

And I leave you with this lovely man of mine. Because he takes me to pretty places and puts up with me getting sleepy in the sun.

That smirk. Get out of here with that smirk.

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