Monday, May 26, 2014

Bastrop and Buescher State Parks

Sunday after running our 8k we hit up a couple nearby state parks. First we went to Bastrop State Park, which is still very much recovering from the fires of 2011. (I HATED the summer of 2011, it was the worst for so many reasons.) It was a really, really sad scene. SO many acres of burned trees. We only stayed for a bit, since we wanted to hike a bit and the trails just kind of meandered through the burned area. There's a very scenic and windy 12 mile road that goes between Bastrop and Buescher State Parks so we headed that direction after hanging out in a little gazebo on top of a hill, where there was a marvelous breeze going on.

The drive to Buescher from Bastrop (and vice versa) is really very pretty if you're ever in the mood to cruise. It's also apparently a very challenging and fun bike ride! Buescher is kind of a tiny little park surrounding a little lake, but it's got a really decent amount of hiking trails above the main park area. We did a little over three miles of hiking, and it was beautiful! Everything was so green from the recent rains, and there was a wicked variety of plants out there. Also lots of cute little lizards. I think the trails are pretty new, so they're relatively even, I think they'd be excellent for trail running. There's a couple more sets of trails to check out there, next time!

Two of the bigger trails meet on top of this hill, and it's got an excellent view of the surrounding farm land! A great place to take a breather. Another hiker was having a little snack up there!

Take note, it's late May and still cool enough to hike with your hair down. I have to say (and I'm jinxing us all here) but this May has been super mild and awesome. It totally hasn't hit 100 degrees yet. And today, it was like 65 at 2pm. Granted, it was raining, but still. KEEP IT UP TEXAS! I'm loving it!

Mr. Hogan took this lovely picture so I thought I'd share. :)

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