Thursday, May 15, 2014

McKinney Falls... again!

We went to McKinney Falls today, again! Even though we were there Saturday, it rained a ton this week, and we wanted to check out the falls now that there was an influx of water. And dang, it makes a difference! The water is a good three feet+ higher than it was when we were there a few days ago, and the falls are fallin'! It was really awesome.

I love having that park pass. Seriously, such a good investment and such good motivation to get us outside! We ran a bit, tossed around a football (Brendon's new thing?), hiked a little, and "swam". By swam I mean, we sat in the water a little. It was COLD water and although it was warm outside, it wasn't quite warm enough to make us brave enough to get all the way in.

Such a seriously lovely day. We brought a lunch and ate it picnic style in the shade, and even napped a little. I love this place! So glad we got that state park pass. Next on my radar is Pedernales Falls State Park. That's another park I think you should visit just after a big rain. The last time we were there was during that insane drought a couple years ago and it was a bit depressing. I'd love to see it after a good rain!

And really, if you're in Austin and need something fun and cheap to do this weekend, go to McKinney Falls! The water is perfect right now! Go, go, go!

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