Saturday, May 3, 2014

Anniversary trip to the capitol

This building never gets old. We've walked through it a million times and I still love it.

We celebrated our anniversary the day after the real deal, Brendon had a big test the next day. We went to Wink for dinner. Very fancy! Very good! My only peeve was that the vegetarian plates were almost the same price as the meat/fish? I'll never understand that. But a very neat little place and the service was excellent!

Afterwards we mosied on downtown to go for a walk and enjoy the seriously lovely weather. We ended up at the capitol, as you do. Did you know it's open until like 10pm? That's the best way to see it, I swear. You have the place to yourself.

This sweet pair was singing Texas songs in the middle of the capitol. It was really, the sweetest thing. They actually sounded very good and it echoed all through the building. They brought extra song books and asked if we'd like to sing with them. I mean, the sweetest!!! We declined, as we'd crack every window in the place. They were really lovely folks, and I'm glad we caught them.

Grainy iPhone photos, because I never think to bring my camera with me any more. Need to be better about that.

I think I've discussed before how people love to offer to take our photo. It's something that I've become a big fan of. You get these fun, often wonky, photos that you'd never have otherwise. This was taken by a very sweet teenage girl, who just walked up and offered to take our photo. She took a normal one and then tilted the camera at this crazy angle and took a couple more. I love it! People are fun.

After meandering through the capitol we walked down Congress and found a little coffee shop and had us some joe. I can't remember the name, but it's a coffee shop with a theater upstairs. It was cute! We finished the evening off with a movie at home, and stayed up past midnight like wild hooligans! Wonderful night with that wonderful man of mine. More of the same, please.

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