Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blanco State Park

You guys, we are taking this State Park thing seriously. Clearly. We've more than paid for our state park pass in visits already and I'm loving all the time we're spending outdoors exploring. Although I am not loving how HOT it is getting. And humid, sheesh.

Tuesday we went to Blanco State Park, which is by far the smallest state park we've been to so far. It's just a stretch of river banks, probably less than a mile long. Like, you can see from park border to park border. It's seriously smack dab in the middle of the town of Blanco and a major highway goes over it. The hiking here is seriously lacking, and it's far from being out in the woods, but it's a cute little park with excellent swimming hole opportunities. It would be a lovely thing to have in the middle of your town.

The one hiking trail in the park is maaaaybe a quarter to a half mile long. It's pretty lame to be honest. And we were EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes. I seriously got at least 10 bites (I'm still finding them). And we found this creepy like shelter thing at the end of the trail that I guess someone is living under?

Creepy. I spotted a back pack and said, let's turn around now.

Although we didn't swim (I have a thing with water I can't see through), it seems like a pretty legit place for a dip. That square little river-infinity-pool-thing was awesome.

Oh, Mr. Hogan. The picnic areas have the coolest rock chairs, tables, and fire pits. They were made during the great depression as a public works project. So cool!

Animal friends!

After exploring the park (which really didn't take long), we checked out downtown Blanco. It's pretty cute! We did a wee bit of antiquing (I got a new dinner plate, woo!), and then had lunch at Redbud Cafe, which might be my new favorite place ever. It's the sweetest little joint with some seriously yummy grub. So many vegetarian options, which in a small Texas town is rare. They also have fantastic cookies. And good beer. And they're super nice. Man, if you're ever in Blanco, eat there!

Thanks for the good times Blanco. You're very cute.

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