Monday, June 30, 2014

Jester King Brewery

Y'all, I got back from a week in Colorado a couple days ago and I am so still on mountain time. There are roughly 1 million mountain pictures that I need to plaster onto the internet, BUT FIRST... Jester King Brewery!

The weekend before we headed off to the mountains we visited Jester King Brewery out near Dripping Springs. It's the coolest place, and if you are ever free on a weekend in Austin I highly suggest it. I am not a big drinker, usually one glass of wine or beer (if I finish it) makes me a happy girl, but I had like two beers at this place, y'all. It was SO GOOD. I was seriously blown away at how much I enjoyed this beer. It's very different. We went on a tour given by one of the founders and he described the beer as "funky", which is apt. We tried about four beers and I enjoyed all of them. We had a blackberry, a raspberry, some sort of porter, and then my favorite, Biere de Miel. (Which I recently learned was a tiny batch just released in June and will soon be GONE, if not already. SAD. But they're brewing a second batch, thank goodness, because it was heavenly.) The beers are so tangy and tart, seriously unexpected. They're almost wine-like. And so so so local. They get their yeast from the local flora on their property and use their own well water. Very neat. And very, very good.

The place itself is also very neat. It's basically just a bunch of picnic tables under trees and a couple of barns that have been converted to sitting areas. It's all open air (like literally, the only ac is where the beer is stored in barrels) so I wouldn't recommend going in the heat of summer. But on a breezy day it's perfect. There's also a pizza place there called Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza, that is DELICIOUS. Like Homeslice good. This whole brewery/pizza combo seriously kills it. It's such a great place to just go and chill.

Very impressed Jester King, we will be back. And I'll be searching for your beers at the store! Please make lots more Biere de Miel! The girl who never drinks will drink it allll! Just not at once.

And, because I am SO good at these types of photos, I leave you with this:

Brendon always captures my best side.

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