Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween bunting

Halloween bunting, because why not? A couple weeks ago I got wild and bought Halloween fabric because it was on sale and because October marks the beginning of the sewing season for me and I needed something to get my feet wet after not touching my sewing machine for a good half year. After sewing on fancy machines for months my little guy took some getting used to. I'm still reaching for things that don't exist, but I'm back in business!

There are more detailed instructions on how to throw together some bunting here, I only varied from that slightly this go around. I added the words "BOO" of course, and instead of just sewing it together triangle to triangle, I sewed a black ribbon across the top. It adds a bit more stability and it's cute!

For my letters I just printed out an outline of big letters via Microsoft Word and then used them as stencils. I also had grand plans of including a bat, but I gave up on that fairly quickly. Cutting it out was such a huge pain, I couldn't wrap my mind around sewing it.

So typical. Sophie is exciting that sewing season has arrived. Fur on all the fabric.

So my letters wouldn't unravel, I zigzag stitched around the edges. I also created a pattern with my colors this time around. Because Halloween is organized like that.

I ran out of ribbon like five triangles before being done and had to go out and grab some more. That right there is the story of my life.

I think it's real fun! I love the colors! The orange and green were "Halloween" fabrics but the purple and black are just the cheapest of the cheap broadcloth. You could totally do it all in broadcloth, and in fact I recommend it. It almost works better, the orange and green are prints so they are only usable on one side. A fully colored fabric is probably your best bet. I'm just a sucker for fun prints.

And isn't this guy the sweetest? While unloading the Halloween decor, I found him. I think he's from Target, and I guess we got him last year. It's always so fun getting all the decorations out, especially when you have a terrible memory like me and forget what decorations you have. It's like Christmas... but Halloween! Busting out the Halloween gear was the first thing I did yesterday morning, I was just a TAD excited about it finally being October and it finally being acceptable to get spooky!

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