Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spooky home and eye balls

Spooky skeleton and spooky mice hanging out on top of my favorite bad painting of mine. This painting is not that great. I painted it when I was first getting a hold of how to paint back in like... 2008? But I love it because I'm super narcissistic and enjoy having large pictures of myself around. BUT REALLY, I love it because that's me eating batter or icing or something yummy off of a beater at like age five. Nothing has changed. That's still me, I do that ALL THE TIME. I think my mom still has that mixer? Or maybe my sister broke it recently... regardless. This painting is in our dining room and is the only painting of mine I've ever hung in our home.

This spooky cat was a gift from Brendon when we lived in Denton, because I am that weirdo that loves holiday decorations as gifts. As a surprise he just left it on my desk for me to find and I basically peed my pants in fright when I saw it. Which makes zero sense because it is clearly quite awkward and not scary. But I love it and every year I set it out I laugh about how foolish I am.

And this has nothing to do with Halloween, but guess what? I got contacts!

Or a contact I should say. The vision in my right eye is almost perfect, my left eye is the janky one. So I'm just wearing one contact. It's a little awkward but I'll take it! It's nice to not be a four eyes all the time.  Brendon said to me the other day, "I forgot how pretty your eyes were", and boom, that is why I got contacts. I love my glasses, but I feel like that's all people see when they look at my face. Which is awesome when I'm extra sleepy and don't want people looking at my face, but sometimes I'd like to just be me, sans specs. And, hello eye make up? I haven't worn you in like a year. You are so fun.

This post was extra rambly and I apologize and I'm going to just end it right here. I just woke up from a nap. Whatever.

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