Thursday, October 24, 2013

On being vegetarian

As I've been a full vegetarian for a few months now, and a mostly vegetation for over half a year, I thought I'd discuss this and how it's affected me. Because goodness, has it ever.

But first, a little background info. I have had problems with stomach pain for most of my life. Really awful, life altering problems. I have been to multiple doctors, had what feels like hundreds of tests done (some rather invasive and not at all fun), and spent SO MUCH MONEY trying to fix this or at least find out why it was happening. And this is going to sound so "Forks Over Knives", but you know what? Being vegetarian fixed it. I have been pain free since cutting meat completely out of my diet. You have no idea how amazing that is. I mean, we are talking about daily pain. A lot of it. There aren't words for how bad it was sometimes. It hung over my head like a rain cloud. Everything I wanted to do was clouded with "well, I'll feel like crap so..." Pain. Every single day. And it is GONE. Completely gone. I am normal! (HA, pain-wise anyway!) I have been hoping and wishing and searching for ways to be normal for so many years and cutting meat out did it. Brendon the science wiz thinks it's because my body doesn't like animal fat. And that makes sense! I had tried cutting out dairy, I had been tested for gluten intolerance, but it had never been suggested that I try cutting out meat. Which is really odd to me because it was such a simple solution! I almost want to go to all my doctors and shout at them that meat was the problem! Meat was the answer! Why didn't you try this!? WHY?! So many years of my life you guys... but that's okay because now it is so. Much. Better.

Needless to say, I am a happy vegetarian. Becoming vegetarian was nothing less than life changing and I have no plans of ever going back. It's really not an option. Yes I miss meat. I crave brisket and pulled pork like no ones business, but never ever enough to want to be in pain. It was the simplest solution that I completely stumbled upon and I am so thankful. And healthier. And happier. Thank you vegetables for being my new favorite, and thank you meat for being the answer to such an awful problem. Life is full of plants and so good.

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