Friday, October 30, 2015

Twenty-seven weeks!

WHOA, two posts in one day, I am a maniac. I blame the rain and the fact that I can't leave the house without getting immediately drenched. This is the last week of the second trimester. What the?? Where has the time gone? I bounce back and forth between wanting to have the Seahorse here right now, and being totally okay with waiting another three months. Or ten. ;) We are far from ready. (Although we have a car seat! And a crib! And the start of a very cute wardrobe!) Her room is still very much our office. I'm in denial about losing my sewing space. Not that I'll have time to sew anyway, right? Setting goal now, make time to sew! She should be used to the sound of a sewing machine by now, she'll sleep through it, right? RIGHT?

I still feel mostly really good! I've had such a good second trimester, I'm a little scared that I have payback coming my way. Heartburn and indigestion are my biggest peeves right now, but my doctor gave the big okay for me to take Zantac, and it works wonders. The acne is still going full force, but whatever. I'm getting used to it. My back has started to hurt a little (long car rides are my nemesis), though I think it may be partially my fault. I've started running little one mile runs up and down the hill near our place. LOL, ONE MILE. Better than no running! It just feels so good to run! During anyway. After, I pay for it. But I just got a belly/back support band to wear while running, so I'm hoping that helps. We're signed up to run the Turkey Trot 5k with our adopted Temple family, and I am determined to not walk the entire thing! I will trot, if only minimally!

I had a riotous week last week with hormones. I don't know what the heck was going on, but I was just a mopey mess all week. I was just so sad! For no real reason. I was just down in the dumps, feeling very alone and nervous and just unprepared for life. It sucked, but I seem to have moved on from that, this week has been fab so who knows. Hormones are weird. That's what I tell myself when I'm feeling blue. HORMONES, they suck.

But seriously, being a weenie and complaining about my small ails aside, I feel so good! Moving around has gotten more awkward and challenging (At what point to you give up on shaving your legs? And when do you start asking for help tying your shoes?), but I can still do pretty much everything I want to! And everything is going smoothly for the Seahorse as well. Checkups are a breeze. At my last appointment we scheduled my glucose tolerance test. I'm super nervous! Partially about drinking that nasty drink that is taunting me daily from the counter, and partially because I'm scared I'll fail! Diabetes runs in my family big time, and I loooove desserts and carbs. But I've been trying to eat healthy for that little lady I'm growing. Halloween has been bad because candy. And candied apples. Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with candied apples! I wont disclose how many I've eaten, but it's a lot. HEB sells them and puts them right by the door as you walk in, it's so bad. Keep your fingers crossed for me on November 16th while I drink that nasty business and hopefully avoid puking. I do not want to fail!

I've been thinking more and more about the reality of another human being part of our family soon. Honestly, I know everyone says it's going to be so hard and it's going to be gross and I'll never sleep (I've never slept anyway, so no biggie there) and I know it will be, but you guys, I am so excited. I'm so so so so excited to meet this little human and see what she's like! I think about doing day to day things, and big things, plus one small being and I'm just like EEEEE! I think about Brendon holding her and playing with her and I almost die. Y'all, the Seahorse LOVES his voice. If anyone can get her to party on command, it's him. She wakes up almost every time he talks to her. Actually, I'm not sure if she ever sleeps. But she loves him, I know it. I can't wait for her to meet him on the outside! I don't know if I'll be able to handle myself. He's going to be wrapped around her little finger so fast. Which is good, because she's going to deprive him of a lot of much needed sleep during a very busy time of his residency. I'm a little worried about that.

A couple weeks before her due date, and then in February after she's born, Brendon will be commuting to Austin. And that stresses me out a little, because I'm totally scared she'll try to show up early while he's over an hour away. But really, it will be fine. I live two miles from the hospital. I'll just call the VA and scream in panic, SEND ME A PHARMACIST, I NEED A RIDE! Kidding. But pharmacists are, truly, some of the nicest folks. I bet someone would come rescue me. ;) But, hopefully the Seahorse shows up around her actual due date and all will be well. The part I'm real worried about is that she'll be a newborn while Brendon's having to get up soooo early to commute down to Austin. And that is just no fun. I don't mind being deprived of sleep, because I can nap while she does during the day plus I won't be using my brain to you know, make decisions that affect people's health (aside from the Seahorse!), but he's gotta go on business as usual. That boy's life is stressful enough! I know it will be fine, he can handle anything, and I know it will be worth it. But that wee little part of the future stresses me out the most, haha. But it's not forever. I think it's only six weeks in Austin, and it's not everyday of the week. We can do it! And that's a while from now, so... we'll worry about it then. :)

Life in general has slowed down slightly. Our weekends are no longer spent traveling at the moment, so that's nice. We've spent two weekends in a row here in Temple! I feel like that's never happened? Things are still crazy busy, which I never pictured when we moved here, but it's so good. And Temple/Belton is growing on me?? I found myself in Austin the other day thinking, gah I can't wait to get back to Temple. And then I was like, SAY WHAT? It's weird. I don't want to stay here forever or anything, but I dislike it less? I don't know. Sometimes I'm also like WTF IS THIS THE DARK AGES while living here, so who knows. I'm just kind of content. And that's nice.

OKAY, so that was a super long update. Twenty-seven weeks! And two days! Wrapping up that second trimester! Thank you to whoever reads this nonsense. I've been getting some FANTASTIC support from friends over the internet, and I cannot tell you how much that means and helps. Y'all are some winners. Thanks for keeping up with and mentally supporting our little life. And one more photo, because you don't have a basketball for a belly that often!

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