Tuesday, October 13, 2015

California 2015 - part 2

PHEW, it has been a busy couple weeks! Actually, a busy month. Busy life? 

Do you think if you spend a lot of time in the car while pregnant, your baby will come out enjoying car rides? Because good lord. I have spent what feels like DAYS driving lately. The Seahorse will prob come out with her license. We drove all over super Southern California while we were there, then Wednesday we flew home into Dallas and then had to drive home from there (at midnight, Brendon drove though to be fair), Friday I drove to New Braunfels and back to take care of my momma while she had surgery (everything is A-okay!), Saturday we drove to Houston for a wedding, and Sunday we drove home. Monday I did not leave the house. But today (and tomorrow) I drove to Austin for work. So much car time. I need an oil change. The thing about Temple is it's about two hours from everywhere. Smack dab in the middle of the state. Which is good, but also terrible. Life! Too crazy! And there's no end in sight! If there could just be a weekend where we shut ourselves in and do absolutely nothing, that'd be great. Just kidding, we'd go nuts. I love being busy. But also, dang.

So, Cali part 2! So I think where we left off it was rainy and such. Well, after a rainy day of beach town hopping, we decided to visit a beach near us! This is Del Mar Beach, I think. Literally walking distance from the beach near our condo.

These boys!!! Trouble I tell you.

I MEAN WHAT? California beaches are STUPID scenic. And this mess is just like right off the 101. It's insane.

Blue sky! Peeking out! It actually got decently sunny and we all shed our layers and soaked in some vitamin D. And see that second little ridge area way down there? Those are the insane stairs we take to get to the beach by our condo.

SUNSHINE! There was this super neat little cave room thing that I guess the tide had carved out. You could walk in it! I only went in for a second because I was certain there were giant sand crabs waiting to get me. Or you know, a hobo. People had scratched their names and stuff all over the place. And of course, Brendon did too.

Eventually the rain threatened to return, so we skidaddled. But it was a very relaxing little visit to the beach. There were A BAZILLION dogs there playing. There were these two boxers that would barrel into the ocean for a frisbee over and over and over. I think they'd do it until they died if the dude kept throwing it. And there was an adorable little shepard mix puppy that was seriously the most well behaved puppy (or dog?) I've ever seen. We all wanted to steal him. And a bunch of other doggies! Just playing and loving life on the beach. Could you ask for more?

I mean. Really. Look at that. It's just not fair, California! I guess that's why you're so expensive.

More to come! Sooner rather than later hopefully. The San Diego Zoo, in the rain! And... DISNEYLAND!

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