Saturday, October 17, 2015

California 2015 - the last day!

Oh man, I have drug this out haven't I? Sorry/deal with it. :)

Our last day in Cali we flew out during the evening, so we had some day time to play with. We hadn't actually SWAM in the ocean yet, so this was our goal. And it was the perfect day to do so! The sun was out and it was nice and warm! We played in the water for a while and then Brendon got bit by something? I don't know, he stepped on something that he swore bit him and he hauled ass out of the water. It was hilarious. He did have a little cut on the bottom of his foot, so something did in fact get him. Whether or not that something was alive or not is debatable. He got back in later with my dad to attempt body surfing. I don't know how successful they were, but it looked like they were having fun! Lynne and I just laid on the beach and soaked in the sun. With SPF 100000 on of course.

Those stairs!!! Dang, workout central.

This photo reminds me of this photo I painted in college:

Daaaang, throwback! I think I took this photo in 2008 and painted it in 2009. Bet y'all forgot I went to school for all that jazz, huh?

Baby bump, out in full force and as vampiric as ever.

This was a really good trip you guys. Extra relaxing and extra fun. We are so grateful to have gotten to go! Big thank you to my dad and Lynne for spoiling us rotten (seriously) and for my step-gma for letting us stay at her timeshare. And to Brendon for taking time off work to come play in the sun with me. It was a much needed trip and escape from the day to day humdrum. Plus it was a blast and I don't think I've gone on a vacation with my dad and step-mom since... that photo up there I painted! It was pretty wonderful.

I am still ever so in love with California. I don't know if it tops the mountains (it doesn't), but it's up there on my favorite places to be. One day I'd love to see northern California. San Francisco! Or Monterrey! I have a feeling I'd adore it, cooler temperatures are my best friend.

That wraps up our bout of traveling for a bit. Well, I guess the wedding we went to in Houston this past weekend was the end. We have another trip planned at the beginning of December, but until then I think most of the craziness stays near home. Which is okay with me! Although the itch to travel is never far away. Maybe we can squeeze a few more getaways in before the Seahorse arrives. ;)

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