Thursday, October 15, 2015

California 2015 - San Diego Zoo!

California, part three. Monday was zoo day! I think I mentioned that it rained while we were in California? Basically on and off all day Sunday and Monday. We were supposed to go to the zoo Sunday, but rain happened, so we postponed it until Monday. And rain still happened! But we went anyway and it was actually a blast. We bought cheapo parkas from CVS (my dad and Lynne came prepared with actual raincoats) and made the best of it!

I think it worked out well, because the zoo wasn't nearly as full as it would have been had the weather been nice. And there were definite periods of sunshine and warmth, so we were able to peel our rain gear off and dry for a bit before tugging it all back on. And although some animals were hiding, we still saw all the major stuff!

Pardon my terrible photos that I am sharing with you anyway because I loooove animals. I brought my big camera but was too scared to bust it out in the rain, so iPhone photos had to do. And to whoever says, "my phone takes better photos than a real camera", you are a fool. They are not better. But they will do in a pinch. 

This flamingo gave us a serious stink eye. He walked right up to the edge and followed us down his fence. I don't think he liked us much. Probably our terrible ponchos.

This is not an ad for Southwest (although, we swear by them!). The airport is right in the middle of the city, so planes were constantly zooming around us. I caught two planes in my photos.

We look fairly awful in this photo, but check out the polar bear yawning in the background! Also, holla at them ponchos. They actually did an excellent job, for being so cheesy.We stayed nice and dry underneath. We just looked like fools. Pregnant in a poncho? I felt whale-ish. Appropriate for a zoo.


The pandas immediately made me think of Anchorman.

We rode the little sky tram thing, and it gives the most excellent views of the zoo. That place is huuuuge. And all those trees! It really is an amazing place. Next year the zoo celebrates it's 100th anniversary. 100 years! No wonder those trees are so big. Also, look at these cuties:

They were such good sports for toughing it out in the rain with us. I guess they're used to it as they are fishing extraordinaires and will fish it out in any condition. Next time we plan on visiting a place in the rain, we'll take a page out of their book and bring real rain gear.

Rain! We rode the tram through the zoo one way and then needed to ride it back the other way. But almost as soon as we got on for our return trip, it started pouring! That was okay though, we got to see some excellent rain covered views.

We wrapped up the day by taking the guided doubledecker bus tour around the zoo. If you're at the San Diego Zoo and are on the fence about taking the bus tour, do it! We rode on the top, thankfully the rain let up for this part and it was perfect. You see so many animals and the tour guides are great. And you go through areas you can't get to on foot! Perfect way to end the day.

Slowly but surely the big guy was drying off. I feel you, buddy!

It was a good day. Even with the rain. This was my second trip to the San Diego Zoo, but Brendon's first! He had a good time. I hope! I think the last time we went it was kinda rainy too. Nothing like this, but I distinctly remember having to wear a jacket. I was like 15 though so my memory is questionable.

This is the coolest zoo, y'all! I really haven't been to that many zoos, but this one is such a winner. And they have a Safari Park a bit out of town you can visit too! I've never done that, but it sounds intriguing. They do a lot of breeding endangered animals for releasing into the wild there. Very cool, save all the animals. One day I'd like to check that place out. If there are animals, I'm in!

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