Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome, Fall!

Happy fall! It's officially here, my favorite time of the year! And I love that the weather has cooperated accordingly. On the first day of fall, and the day after, it felt like FALL. It was COOL outside. And isn't there something just magical about fall air? I swear it looked and smelled different than it did a week ago. The sky was that most terrific shade of blue that seems to only appear with cooler temperatures. I love it. I spent two cool afternoons sewing in front of a breezy open window and it was divine. Aside from the allergy attack that ensued. And I made a pot of butternut squash soup (because fall means soup!) and am ready to get down with some hearty fall flavors in the kitchen!

I am also very ready for the string of wonderful holidays that are soon to begin. In just a week it will be socially acceptable to start picking out pumpkins, spookifying our little home, and of course watching my favorite Halloween movies. And time to scheme Halloween costumes! Neither Brendon or I have any idea what we're going to be, which is weird because we usually have that figured out months in advance. Slackin'.

Thanks for showing up in all your splendid glory, fall. I love you and have been waiting all year for you to arrive, please be good to us. September has been a wild month so October, you're welcome to be slightly calmer. Also cooler please.

AND, this has nothing to do with anything, but the most popular post on my blog by far is this post on Brendon's lederhosen. Random eh? Year round it gets exponentially more views than any other post (when you Google "lederhosen" Brendon's picture is on the first page), and lately, it has been blowing up. Oktoberfest, y'all. Folks are trying to get their Bavarian on. My first and second dirndls are getting some love too, though not nearly as much as Brendon looking cute in his lederhosen. I have yet to decide on whether I should make a third dirndl this year. I haven't even planned my Halloween costume and there's a dress pattern and fabric from this spring sitting on my sewing table that I haven't touched. I'm a bit behind on my sewing game I guess. So anyways, if you are here at my little niche of the internet because of Brendon in his lederhosen, thanks for stopping by. Sorry it's all food. Here's German Brendon, just for fun, because it's what the internet wants.

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