Sunday, September 1, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 35 - salted caramel brownies

Baking was shoved to Sunday this week. As previously mentioned, this week has been a tad rough for various reasons. Busy busy busy, so Sunday baking it was. And because rough weeks need chocolate, brownies were needed. And not just plain brownies, but salted caramel brownies. Thank you Deb.

This was my first time making caramels from scratch, and it turns out it's very easy, as long as you don't do it immediately after rolling out of bed. Let's chat about how it took me three batches of caramels to get it straight. The first batch I melted my spatula into, the second I forgot to salt, and the third was successful. So I'm down a spatula and I've got a plate full of unsalted caramels in my fridge. But I've also got delicious salted caramel brownies.

These are dangerously dark and gooey. These will probably fall apart as you eat them, but it's worth it. The caramel is perfectly salted and it's melty and chewy in the right proportions. Caramel and chocolate... enough said. I've eaten... a few. Needless to say, they're very good. Wonderful way to wrap up your week. Every week should end in brownies. We'll see if they make it until tomorrow.

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