Saturday, September 14, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 37 - donuts

This week I didn't have much time to brainstorm ideas for baking, so I took it to the old Facebook, and the response was unanimously DONUTS. And if you know me even a little, you know I love me some donuts. So donuts it was! I used this recipe from a Beautiful Mess, although I'd make some changes next round. More on this later.

I didn't have a donut cutter, so I used a glass and bottle cap for the hole. Worked pretty well!

So the only way this really slides as a baked goodie, is because the dough rose in a warm oven. That's what I'm telling myself anyway because of course, these babies were fried. I haven't fried anything in years, so busting out that giant pot of oil was a little scary. But success!

The icing was my biggest issue with this recipe. It's just a basic sugar icing with fresh raspberry juice for coloring. It's delicious, but if you look at their version, mine looks nothing like it. Not sure if their raspberries were especially... pink? or if they added a little food coloring, but this is what my icing first came out like, just a natural peachy shade:

So I added a few drops of red food coloring, and viola! Pretty pink icing!

However, my other qualm with this icing was that it was so thin it glazed the donuts more than iced them. I think I'd do less milk and corn syrup next time, so it's a little less runny. Or maybe it just needed to cool a bit more to thicken up. Who knows, but they're seriously delicious anyway, pink or not. Plus there's sprinkles, and you can't beat sprinkles.

These babies are really really good. Insane while they are still warm and crispy. And the recipe makes SO MANY. The only thing I'd change to the actual donut itself, would be to add a tad bit more sugar to the dough. I just wish they were just a teensy bit sweeter. But they're awesome and I'm pretty proud of my first donuts!

And here's me with some donut eyes:

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