Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pimento cheesin'

Fairly recently I have gone from eating meat occasionally to full on vegetarian, all day everyday. Not sure how long this will last but I'm liking it and the way I feel and have no plans on relapsing into the meat world. Every now and then I have an intense craving for bacon (or today, prosciutto), but for the most part I don't miss meat in my diet.

However, I am having to get creative with meals, specifically lunch. Ironically, lately I've been craving sandwiches. I've never been a huge fan of sandwiches, but veggie sandwiches are my jam (was that a food pun?). While we were in Ruidoso I had two truly fantastic pimento cheese sandwiches and wanted to make that magic happen at home. This was my first attempt at pimento cheese and it's pretty dang good!

I used this recipe and am fairly satisfied with it. It's definitely not the deliciousness that I had in New Mexico, but it's good. It has a bit too much of a mayo flavor and not quite enough pimento for me. I will continue to experiment. But this is great as a sandwich filler and great as dip. And it makes quite a bit and it keeps for a while. Perfect to have on hand if you're a lazy constantly hungry snacker like me.

Also, check out this Pyrex we found the other day!

We haven't been on the Pyrex game as much as we used to, mostly because I have accumulated an INSANE amount of Pyrex, but we hit up our usual spots the other day for the first time in a while and hit the motherlode. This stuff is in great condition and the bottom two lighter ones with the gold (!) designs are patterns I've never seen before. Also, LIDS? So rare to find stuff with lids. But seriously, I have way too much Pyrex. In fact I have a few doubles of some things, including that brown baby up there. Anyone in Austin want some Pyrex? There's absolutely no reason for me to have more than one of the same dish... right?

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