Sunday, June 10, 2012

Medical mystery tour - part 2

If you've been around a while, you know my body has been rebelling against me and I've been living with chronic stomach pain for years. Here's the first post regarding this loveliness. The good news is that I've felt better recently than I have felt in years. I'm taking medicine that actually has made a difference in my quality of life and I'm sure being physically active and healthier hasn't hurt either. But we are still on a mission to find the cause and I sincerely hope we can fix it completely somehow. Because no one likes taking a bunch of pills. Or I don't anyway.

So this past Thursday we embarked on another little exploratory procedure, once again without any interesting results. But the good news is this time we got video of post procedure silliness. I got what Brendon called the "Michael Jackson special", they knocked me out for just a little bit (like 15 minutes? Who knows, I was snoozin'). I've gone through this before (see above mentioned post), but this time for some reason the anesthesia had a stronger effect on me. It took me way longer to get back to normal. I felt a little wild for while. But in the meantime it was funny, and although I don't remember much of it, thankfully Brendon was extra sneaky and got video footage.

The videos are here and here. I tried to actually post the videos here but for some reason (technology hates me), I couldn't get it to work so whatever. They're minorly funny and embarrassing (in the first one I sound high as a kite) so check them out if you want to see me trippin' on anesthesia.

And here is the picture I requested Brendon take of me at the end of the second video. Me and my juice:

Needless to say, I love apple juice and was very excited about getting some. In a can no less.

And I have to give a shout out to all the lovely people at this place. They are always so nice, friendly, and generally laid back. And they let me keep my extra fancy and super thick medical socks.

There are more steps to be taken in solving this medical mystery but we are running out of things to try. In some ways I'll be relieved (no more tests!) but it's also scary running out of options, I might just be like this forever. Weird how bodies work isn't it? So complex!

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