Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweet summer time

 My new bracelet via a man stamping letters into leather and attaching them to wrists on the side of S. Congress.

 Patios are my second home. Especially ones with food and beverages.

I love this summer. Already. So much goodness, so little time. We are busy bees, but we are happy bees.

One of the wonderful things about summer are the all movies! We love movies! Let's recap and review the summer flicks we've seen so far.

The Avengers
- Real good y'all. Highly entertaining. A tad corny at times, but it's cute and badass at the same time. And so many good looking boys! My favs were of course Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. I've just got a thing for good looking nerds I guess. I love the whole Avengers series. Make lots more please! I don't think Stan Lee has enough money.

Dark Shadows - I think I talked about this movie already. I thought it was cute, but it didn't have much to offer that the trailer didn't give away already. But it was fairly entertaining. I loved the setting, costumes, and the music choices were pretty legit. Johnny Depp was an interesting vampire, and by interesting I'm not sure if I mean good. Michelle Pfeiffer was great though, she looks amazing.

Snow White and the Huntsman (or Bella and Thor) - Way better than I thought it would be. It was a visually pleasing movie, the effects were great. Snow White (Kristin Stewart) was alright, she was still a little lifeless, but she's a far better Snow White than a Bella. And Thor was in it, playing basically Thor. He's good at that though so it's okay. Charlize Theron was intense, mad props girlfriend. It was an interesting twist on the story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next up is Men in Black III. I love me some Will Smith. We are also rewatching the Harry Potter movies since we just finished rereading the books. It never ever gets old. I will never not love everything about Harry Potter. I still cry at the ends of the fourth through seventh books/movies. That last one though, dang it's intense. Harry Potter forever and ever and ever. And ever.

In non movie news, tomorrow morning we are running the Rebel Race where I will (hopefully successfully) be jumping over fire and crawling under barbed wire (and a variety of other obstacles that will no doubt whoop my rear), of course with help from my macho husband. I've warned him he may have to carry/drag me at some point (all the way?). Wish us luck y'all. Pray I don't perish/break all my limbs.

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