Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer and strawberries

As usual, things have been insanely busy lately. There are a million things I have to do, a million I want to do, and I feel like I'm only getting to a tiny fraction of it all. This summer is flying by, it's already almost the end of June. How is that possible? Fall and the beginning of pharmacy school year two are looming ahead. Slow down, time! Pretty please?

Yesterday I found the time to bake a cake. And it was good. Easily the best cake I've made in my life. I made it with a little help (okay a lot of help) from Martha Stewart. She calls it a "chiffon cake with strawberries and cream", and I call it yummy as hell. Totally from scratch, it was like a slightly dense angel food cake, cut into three layers with strawberries and whipped cream in between them. Seriously, the yummiest thing I've had in a really long time. Plus it was pretty.

And somehow, I managed to not take a picture of the finished product. I think I was too excited about eating it as soon as possible. Just imagine that last picture times three with whipped cream in between the layers. And powdered sugar on top. I brought it to a get together with friends and I think it was a hit. Unfortunately I was only able to eat one humungous slice. I may or may not be baking another one soon, just for myself. It was that good. And it's perfect for summer, the berries and cream are cool and refreshing. Plus it's cake. And cake is always good.

This summer has been so good so far, even if it is flying by at warp speed. And until today (we're back into the 100's I'm afraid) the weather has been fairly mild, as far as Texas summers go. The evenings have been really great. Perfect for being outside. Although I could seriously do without the massive amount of mosquitoes that have been munching on me. They love me. I have got at least 15 bites. No joke.

And on that note I think I am going to go bathe in cortisone cream and become one with my couch. Sunday funday y'all.

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