Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

This weekend was full of celebrating the fathers in our family. My mom, sister, Brendon, and I spent Saturday in Houston with my grandpa and aunt, uncle, and cousins. It was great to see the Houston gang of our family! We had some pretty good barbeque at this 50's style place. It was cute!

Gettin' down on some BBQ!

Sunday we spent the day playing in the sun, celebrating this crazy guy:

Weird dude huh? I love you daddio, thanks for being there always and for being constantly ridiculous. I think I inherited a lot of the weirdness.

Brendon and my dad worked on Brendon's Jeep. What a guy thing to do right? The good news is the front end doesn't look so wonky anymore!

We played some badminton, by our own rules. My sister is taking a class this summer so she was the guru, but we kind of made it up as we went along. My dad had a little court set up, complete with spray painted boundary lines. It was fun! And I wasn't as terrible as I thought. Long arms come in handy with this sorta stuff I guess.

It was a beautiful day, and the pool felt great. My sisters dog Ava loved the pool. She was in it all day long. That dog had to have been a fish in another life.

 What a cute pool boy!

 Ava trying to save my life, aka drown me.

 Chillin' hard.

Puppy and Cassie (chillin' in the doorway) felt a little left out, they couldn't hang with Ava's energy.

And check these guys out!

There was a little bird nest on top of one of the outdoor speakers! There were 3 or 4 baby birds in there, they were so ugly but so cute. They were jamming out to some disco tunes.

This weekend was nice. Family, fun, and relaxation. After this wild week it was nice to get out of town for a couple days! I could get used to having weekends off... Oh, if only!

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