Saturday, April 11, 2015

Birthday weekend in Wimberley

PHEW, you guys! Life! It's been nuts! I've got some actual life blogging (versus Princess Dress blogging) to catch up on. Life has been full of stressful and cRaZy things lately, but also, some really fun things. Lets talk about the fun.

For my birthday, this cute lobster shirt wearing boy surprised me with a weekend in Wimberley! Actually, I ruined the surprise, because I am a champion surprise ruiner, but it was still fantastic and Brendon, once again, is the best husband ever. 

We stayed at a little bed and breakfast in the hills and got to do a lot of playing outside, enjoying the FANTASTIC weather. Spring this year in Texas has been a grey one. We've had a few fabulous blue skied days, but we've also had a lot of cloudy, grey, "it has looked like rain for a week but hasn't actually precipitated, sorry about your sinus pressure". This weekend the weather was all about perfection and reminding you why you love Texas. Looking back at these photos has me missing that sunshine!

We checked out a couple watering holes while playing in the sun. Like literally, holes. One is a literal hole in the water, the other in name. First we visited Jacob's Well, because I mean, I've lived in central Texas most of my life and have never been?

It's a literal hole! Really deep apparently, also really dangerous to dive in. Creepy! It's spring fed so the water is seriously, crystal clear. Beeeeeautiful water. Also chilly!

I mean, that water! So clear! Jacob's Well was surprisingly tiny (even though I'd been warned). I can imagine it gets crazy crowded in the summer.

Next up we checked out Blue Hole, which is a park right in the city. It is an amazingly well taken care of and well facilitated park. I think it's rather new. Go Wimberley! It's fed by the same spring from Jacob's Well, so clear water strikes again!

Too early to swim in the park, so it was nice and quiet. Just perfect for the old fart Hogans who run from societal gatherings. But it looks like a killer swimming hole, complete with swings to propel yourself into the water, if you're brave. I am not.

We've explored the town before, so we just made a couple stops into little shops (coffeeeee and food and sweets) and spent most of our time there just soaking in the Vitamin D.

Wimberely is such a cool little town! I guess being from New Braunfels I appreciate towns with water running through them. Which is basically everywhere in the hill country from San Antonio to Austin.

OKAY, so the B&B we stayed at was such a winner. We stayed at Southwind Bed and Breakfast, in the Cats Paw room. OMG YOU GUYS IT IS A CAT THEMED ROOM. Brendon wins, forever.

Cat everything. It was amazing. Also, everything else about this place was amazing! It's outside town so it's nice and quiet, with beeeeautiful views. The folks that run the place are the kindest. They greet you with cookies and if you stay in the inn, you all have breakfast together. And I mean, a good homemade breakfast. They made the best scrambled eggs I think I've ever had, and I don't like eggs! Such a neat place, I highly recommend it!

THIS VIEW THOUGH. Seriously, so good. And at night, you can see all kinds of stars! Heart eyes emoji, y'all.

The hill country is my kryptonite. Feels like home. We've been spending a lot of our free time lately out west in the hills and I am not mad (although my allergies... phew!).

Hurrah for that weekend in Wimberley. It was such a good one. The weather! The relaxation! And Brendon had also officially just gotten home from his six week rotation in Temple so it was just, perfect. We needed an escape!

If you are interested in where we consumed calories, we ate at Inoz (fantastic place to grab a drink and chilllll, the nachos are on point) and the Leaning Pear (which is so very aaaaawesome, please go, sit outside, and swing on their tree swings. This place killed it!). We also got sweets from the Sugar Shack Bakery and Wimberley Pie Company, both of which are delicious and we might now be diabetic.

Until next time Wimberley!

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