Monday, April 13, 2015

Pedernales Falls, in the fog

The wildflowers this year, y'all. So fantastic. Lots of rain = lots of flowers! I've been wanted to hit up Pedernales Falls State Park for a while. It's one of my favorites in the area and if you haven't been, please go. It is amazing. So grand and beautiful and the hiking is prime.

Also, side note, Pedernales, although being spelled like Ped-er-nah-lez, is actually pronounced Perd-a-nah-lez. I've been saying it the latter way my whole life, but recently I was like oh gosh look how it's spelled, I've been saying it wrong? So I started pronouncing it how it was spelled, and Brendon had to whoop up and bust out that Google one day to have it audibly pronounced for me. And it is Per, not Ped. There's an invisible R in there? I have no idea. Texas is full of weird names.

Anyway, it was a gloomy as heck day, but we went for it any way. It was actually kind of awesome, because it was not hot at all. Not like the last time we went. So we could hike to our hearts content and not get all hot and gross.


The water was a'gettin' it! Although I feel like we haven't had much rain (just the gloom and threat of it), it's definitely been a wet winter and fairly wet spring. Which is so good! We need rain!

We found this little set up here on a rock. Super cute, super Texan, but DON'T YOU KNOW PICKING BLUE BONNETS IS ILLEGAL WHAT THE HECK?

This place. It's just so awesome. I am just in love with the rocks as I am with the water. They tell such a tale! Nerdy moment, but from a geological standpoint this place is just so neat. Water and time are capable of amazing things.

What a cool place. Please go, if you have not. I am such a fan of our state parks. I know that probably goes without saying, but goodness, they are wonderful. And such a cheap, fun, and healthy form of entertainment. We are rounding up our year of having a parks pass and we are for sure renewing it. It's such a good deal, if you are thinking of getting one, DO IT! It makes you get outside more and nothing but fun can come from that. Unless you're allergic to the sun or something.

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