Thursday, April 30, 2015

Four years

I think we'll always just be a little bit awkward. And that's okay. And also fun.

FOUR YEARS. Each better than the one before. And man, this year was by far the craziest. In a good way. Life has been getting so real and it's such an adventure. Not always an easy one, but it's easier when you're stumbling through with your best friend who you also like to smooch. Sometimes I'm like wow, we've only been married for four years? SEEMS LIKE A TEN. But mostly I'm like, what the heck? Where did time go?? So much has happened in the past four years (like someone ALMOST  getting a doctorate!), it's crazy to think back on who we were four years ago. Such babies! But happy babies, who got thrown head first into life and had a lot of fun figuring it out. (This is still happening, lets be clear, we do not have it figured out.)

But gosh, in the midst of the stress of big life things, being married has been so much fun. Like, you guys, I married a winner. As I was typing this Brendon faux-flipped me out of my computer chair. Because that is just business as usual around here. Life will never be boring with Brendon. He is absolutely ridiculous 90% of the time, and sometimes I'm like omgwtf, but mostly I'm  smiling and giggling and having the time of my life. He drives me up the wall, but he also makes me so so so happy. He goes so far out of his way to make sure that I am happy. You guys, the princess complex is just spiraling out of control. I AM A LUCKY LADY.

So yes, four years of happy. Here's to four gazillion more.

(SIDE NOTE: I did the annual going through wedding photos today and OH MY GOSH thank you everyone again for making that such a lovely day. I know wedding photos are only the "highlights", but honestly, every moment our wedding was a highlight. Best day ever. And I mean, not just because I married by boo, but because of all the fantastic people who celebrated with us. I think the majority of people who attended where from out of town if not out of state; you guys traveled so far to celebrate with us! I will never get over that. I will always be in awe of all the wonderful people in our lives. We love every one of you.)

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