Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Why yes, I went there because it's the only big mirror in the house. Bathroom selfie with Sophie. Who must be within ten feet of me at all times. She's my guard cat.

I think, we're about halfway through this pregnancy thing! I say I think, because every time I go to the doctor, they give me a new due date. And I say, "doctor", but I haven't met my actual doctor. I've been seeing a nurse practitioner/techs/financial advisers, etc for the past 3 and a half months. Weird huh? I have my first appointment with my REAL doctor next month. It's strange. I had one appointment at a clinic Austin just to confirm the pregnancy and make sure everything looked okay, and it was with what would have been my real doctor had I stayed in Austin. Because usually that's how you do things? Temple is weird. There's only one huuuuge hospital (Scott and White) in Temple so the options were pretty slim pickins. I guess it's okay though, everything is going normally so it's no biggie. The rest of my appointments will be with My Doctor. Whoever she might be. And I have no idea what my actual due date is, I'm just assuming we'll meet the Seahorse sometime in January.

So halfway! We are at a totally different stage than we were in the beginning. My quality of life has done a complete 180. I feel GOOD most of the time. Almost constantly hungry, and occasionally I just have a rough day, but mostly good good good. I get to do things! And enjoy them! It's nuts. I think back to being sick every, single, day, and I'm like... did that really happen? Gosh, that sucked. But we're past it! Even the headaches aren't as bad. My allergies are crazy and my skin is breaking out like I've never experienced in my life, but these are small annoyances compared to wanting to puke 24/7. I will take the boogers and zits. (But really, the acne could toooootally disappear. Anytime now.)

And I'm finally starting to show! I've noticed that my midsection was moving outwards for months, but it's now finally kind of obvious to the general public. If I'm wearing something tight, I think it looks more like I'm pregnant than I just ate a huge meal. I'm grateful that I didn't get real big real fast, because I know we'll get there eventually. I blame it on being tall (more room in there!), that I had a terrible first trimester and had a hard time gaining weight for a bit (ha, those days are over), and that I've stayed relatively healthy. I try not to eat a bunch of junk (okay, there are moments... carbs are just so good!) and I've kept up working out.

Although I gave up on running in July (cry face emoji). I just couldn't handle the nausea and the heat and the stress on my body. I think if I tried it now it might be easier, but it's just still so dang hot. Ugh, Texassssss. When I was running, I felt pretty good, my legs felt like they could go on forever, but I got so tired so fast. And then the aftermath was horrendous. I'd only run a couple miles but I'd feel hungover like I had run ten. I felt like I was doing more harm than good. So I stopped. It's sad, I know. I'm bummed. But I did start doing pilates. Lower impact and you can do it in the AC. Plus I don't know if it's my weak preggo body or what, but it's super challenging! And then me and Boy Wonder go on walks in the evenings when it's cool. Walking seems so silly after running for so long, but it really does wonders for how I feel. And it helps the indigestion that loves to creep up on me after dinner. I feel like an old man, Tums are my best friend.

Things are just hunky dory. I feel the Seahorse move, ALL THE TIME. She is a maniac and surprisingly strong for being itsy bitsy. I fear for my ribs in a couple months. I was driving back from Austin last week and was like, hmmm... I haven't felt her move in a while... and then "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner came on the radio and she immediately started partying. ;) I think we'll have our hands full with this little lady. But seriously, I love feeling her move. It's weird, weird as heck, but it's also so awesome. I'm like, "Yo!!! Wassup girlfriend?" and then I usually try to talk to her. I've even been reading Harry Potter out loud to her. Although it never lasts long, I read faster than I can narrate and I usually give up on account of getting sucked in to the story. Aaaaand I'm officially the weirdest person you know? Surely not, because you have to know Brendon too. And Brendon has continually been a boss about everything. No surprise there. Juggling a residency AND a crazy pregnant wife, without breaking a sweat. He's stoked about the Seahorse and even picked out her first decoration for her room! He's gotten to feel her move a few times, and he likes to try to poke my belly a little to get her to party for him. She's like, nah, most of the time though. And I don't know how it's possible, but I have the craziest school girl crush on Dr. Hogan these days. I mean, beyond the usual. Hormones? Baby Daddy things? I don't know. But dang, I like/love that boy a lot. Not that I didn't before, because I did, but gahhhhh how can you be this nuts about someone after so long? Everyday it gets worse. Poor guy. ;) END MUSHYNESS.

Halfway you guys!!! Another few months and she'll be here! So strange. I guess maybe eventually we should you know... look into getting some baby stuff?

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