Saturday, September 5, 2015

Central Texas State Fair

You guys, I LOVE a good fair. I grew up going to the Comal County Fair in New Braunfels (locals, you know whats up), and that is a good fair. It's huge, there's an insane amount of food (basically all your favorites from Wurstfest), lots of animals, lots of music, lots of German. It's my favorite. The big State Fair of Texas is fun too, but it's on such a massive scale it's kind of overwhelming. Plus just thinking of getting in and out of there gives me anxiety. The parking and traffic. BUT, there's things like fried butter and queso. So...

But yesterday, we went to the Central Texas State Fair in Belton. I was pretty excited! But you guys, it was a huge let down. I don't know if it's because we went on the first day or what, it was just so... underwhelming. There were like five animals, no exhibits, and the vendors were meh. They had a few rides and games, but I'm obviously not trying to get on any carnival rides these days. The food was pretty good. They had a bunch of food trucks, so we focused on food. We basically ate, walked around, and then left. We tried waiting around for the music to start, but we gave up. The food was really good though, so I'm not counting it as a total loss!

SAVE ME A PIECE OF THAT CORN! (Guess that movie!) That boy loves some corn on the cob. He's the most efficient corn on the cob eater I've ever seen. I on the other hand am the kind of person that cuts all the corn off the cob and eats it with a fork.

I finally got some churros! We went to Schlitterbahn last weekend (SO fun, it was so dead and we got to do everything we wanted with the smallest lines! It was a Schlitter-miracle!), and they totally sell churros there! But I guess since it was the end of the season, every single churro booth was closed! It was like a conspiracy against me reuniting with that cinnamon crispy goodness. So I was SUPER stoked to find some at the fair. These are only the second churros I've ever had, the first (three or four) were at Disneyland. And damn you guys, those churros at Disney are on another level! These were good, didn't touch the ones from the Happiest Place on Earth, but still, yummmmmy. And fried plantains! We were big fans of the South American food truck.

And duh, cotton candy. Gosh, I love cotton candy. And I love a good theme. I dressed up for the fair, in gingham and cowboy boots. Because when else? I made that dress out of drapery fabric I got from work a while back. Maria Von Trapp all day every day. Also my feet are paying for wearing cowboy boots today. I've been living in flip flops all summer, my feet were like, "ummm, wtf is this? I'm surrounded AND there's a heel?"

Front facing camera with back lighting, good job us.

Regardless of the lameness of that fair, we had a decent time. I'd never go again, but still. It was something different. There was ample people watching, good food, and we had good laughs reminiscing about the Comal County Fair. I mean, what other county fairs have polka?? We will be out of town this year, but you better believe if we weren't, we'd be driving down to NB. Because they have potato pancakes at that fair y'all. And baby chicks. Obviously, if you're in the area, you should check it out. Sorry for dogging on you so much, Central Texas State Fair, but step up yo' game!

Also I almost puked last night from all that fried food/sugar. Lesson learned. (Worth it.)

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