Saturday, September 19, 2015

Disney Princess Dress Project - the drawings! (part 1)

Y'all! I promise promise promise I have not abandoned this project. I just had some major life changes in the middle of it... quitting my job, moving, getting knocked up, you know... one of which has altered my err... body shape. So it's just on hold. I promise! I even have Mulan totally planned out (although I'm having a hard time tracking down a certain pattern), and as soon as the Seahorse is out, I have regained some normalcy (spare time? does this happen with babies?) in my life, and have something that resembles a waistline again, I SHALL CONTINUE!

But, to bridge the gap, I have some planning drawings from my little sketchbook for each dress. I did it with Snow White and just kept going with each one. I got a little carried away, but whatever. It was fun to draw and color and pretend I was a kid for a bit. Why I drew the hair? I don't know. But those princesses have dang good hair, right?

Forgive me, the photo quality is not the best. Neither is the drawing. Or my handwriting. But silliness aside, these were what I planned that nonsense out on so I think they're "important". The drawings ended up matching the dresses pretty well! I've yet to acquire the hair or castles... but I'm working on it.

Belle was a two pager, because I had one dress completely planned out, then scrapped because it required too much fabric and just wasn't doing it for me. I'm glad I did though because I looooove her dress. Even though I've never gotten to wear it, it hangs in my closet proudly.

The last two I was totes preggo for. But thankfully not enough to where it mattered, fit-wise. Although Pocahontas' got real tight in the boob area over about a week's time. I couldn't put any of these on now, and that makes me just a little sad. And I'm not sure some will ever fit again. BUT it was a lot of fun, and I've still got SIX princesses left to make! Mulan's planning page is totally done, but since she's a work in progress, you'll have to wait until next year to see. ;)

So if you were remotely interested in this project at all, hopefully this holds you over for a bit. I have NOT abandoned it! Because my favorite princess (Belle, forgive me, it is so so so close, and sometimes it flip flops or you two are tied but you were my favorite the longest, I'M SORRY! You have my childhood!) is in this last half so obviously, I have to finish! Just lemme make this baby real quick first.

And you can see all the Disney Princess craziness here!


  1. What a fun and inspiring project! Stumbled on the Snow White dress first - instantly recognizable, as are the others.

    1. Thank you!! It was a lot of fun. Hoping to keep going soon!