Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Las Vegas 2015

MMMKAY, so I'm finally getting around to blogging the last of our vacation. I can't tell you why it's taken me so long, since I haven't really been busy, but you know. Life. Procrastination?

So as my last post sort of explained, I was totally pregnant during our summer trip. And it kind of sucked. I mean don't get me wrong, we still had fun and did most of what we wanted to do, but I felt awful a lot. And it was mostly a road trip so 8 hours a day in the car with nausea was terrible. BUT, we still went. And I hope I didn't totally ruin it! I think I did pretty good, considering. I mean, I hiked five miles around the Grand Canyon! And up and down the Las Vegas strip in 110 degree heat! I think I was a decent trooper. Although bedtime was so early, y'all.

So, Vegas! In comparison to our usual vacation spots (you know... mountains, outside in general) Las Vegas is weird. It's the opposite of what we usual go for, but we still love it for some reason. This reasoning makes little to no sense because we don't really drink (well I mean, I don't for sure now, but even when I did I haven't been drunk in literally years) so we're not big partiers, we aren't big fans of crowds of people, we aren't night owls, and we don't really gamble. But we still love Vegas! For me, it's the spectacle of it all. It's so over the top and insane and fancy but also trashy and garish? And the people watching is prime. I love all the ridiculous big hotels, the more themed the better. This was our third time to Vegas together, but only our second time staying there. The first time we just drove through. The second time we went after our 21st birthdays (it was a very awesome birthday present for me!). Here is a post about that first trip, prepare yourselves... we look like babies. Also, although I don't remember it at all, apparently we had a conversation in 2012 about going to Vegas after Brendon graduates. WEIRD, WE JUST DID THAT.

We stayed at Treasure Island this go round. Last time we stayed at the Paris, which was so lovely. But I wanted to go for a cornier hotel this time, so pirate themed it was. It was still pretty nice, our room was swanky, and gah that place is so affordable. Plus we booked a show and room package so we got a Cirque du Soleil show out of the deal. We saw Mystere and it was very awesome. Those performers have talents and skills that I will never ever come close to touching.

Here's a random smattering of photos I took. With my iPhone. Because I was not carrying my heavy big camera around in that heat. These are mostly of hotels because I am a nerd.

ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DEGREES. I think after this we made a pit stop in the Tropicana to literally just sit in the AC. Then Brendon bought a $2 tall ass can of beer from a convenience store and I bought two bottles of water. And then chugged it all.

Art aside: Vegas is the perfect place for Jeff Koons. I was actually kind of impressed when I saw not one, but two Jeff Koons in the Wynn, and then I was like wait. It's Jeff Koons.

Brendon had this two for one drink ticket thing so he got two beers. I dutifully stared at his second beer, pretending (wishing?) it was mine.

Oh and we must talk about our "gambling". We played a little on the slots but I found the casinos to be lamer than usual because EVERYONE SMOKES?!?! Bleh. Brendon had been talking about playing blackjack forever, and was doing all kinds of research on his phone; where the best tables were, secrets to winning, etc. He did this for three days, and then on the fourth morning before we left, he finally went down to the tables in our hotel while I laid in bed. He was gone for about 20 minutes, he came back and I was obv like "HOW DID IT GO?" and he was all, "It was okay. I won a hundred dollars." This fool goes down and wins a hundred bucks in a few minutes and waited to start gambling until right before we left. BUH. Shoulda put him to work earlier.

The Fountains at the Bellagio. Always and forever my favorite. Unrelated, but ALSO, if you are vegetarian or vegan, the Wynn is your hotel! Every single restaurant in that place has veggie options, because apparently the owner is vegan. That is what's up! We ate at La Cave for a fancy night out our last evening and it was great! 

So that's it! Las Vegas was real fun. Even pregnant! Obviously it would have been more fun not pregnant, but what are you gonna do. Next time, I wont be knocked up. 

The drive home was terrible though, y'all. We drove from Vegas to Santa Rosa, New Mexico the first day and then back to Texas the second. And this was the beginning of my sickest week. I was so over the car by the end. And then get this, we went to a wedding in Fort Worth the day after we got back. HA, my life.

YEESH it took me like a month to blog that vacation. I blame it on the Seahorse. Here are the rest of the posts!

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