Saturday, August 22, 2015

What kind of human is the Seahorse?

So, as you've probably read on the Facebook, we found out what we're having! We had the BIG ultrasound yesterday. The one where, baby willing, you find out the gender. Turns out I'm a week less along than they originally thought (seventeenish weeks instead of eighteen), but luckily the Seahorse cooperated enough that we were able to see everything we needed to.

Now, telling gender by ultrasound isn't a perfect science, but Brendon called it right away and the technician wholeheartedly agreed; it was kind of obvious. The seahorse is a girl. Duh. I mean, what else could it be? How could I not end up with a girl? (Although to be fair, Brendon is to blame for this one, biologically we ladies have no say in the gender.) Everyone said it would be a girl, including Brendon, and boom, you were all right. I honestly had ZERO preference, I would have been thrilled either way, but a girl just makes a lot of sense. I mean, right? A boy would have been wonderful as well, but it was just not in the cards for the Hogans. A lady Seahorse it is!

Awesome news to find out, obviously. We can now say she, instead of it, which makes the Seahorse sound much more human and less alien like. And SHE is a little party animal! I've been feeling her move for a couple weeks, and every day it gets crazier. But both the nurse practitioner at my last visit and the technician yesterday remarked on how active she is. And she was seriously making moves! Kicking and turning and waving those little arms. Kind of like, "Hey! What the heck, stop pushing on me!" It's crazy to actually SEE her move, instead of just feel it. Also, science you guys. It's so awesome. We could see the heart pumping and we saw her BRAIN and her spine (and her lady parts). I mean, there's a little skeleton in there! And she looks pretty perfect to me. Looks clearly like a badass.

One day the kid is going to be like, YOU POSTED WHAT ON THE INTERNET?

AND yes, we are having a girl. Yes, there's a pink bow on that hat up there. And yes, I am a wannabe Disney Princess. But NO, that does NOT mean pink everything. We thought about not telling everyone just so we could avoid the stereotypical blue for boys pink for girls thing. I want the Seahorse to be surrounded by the rainbow! I don't want to pick her favorite color for her. We're going to try keep everything fairly neutral. Don't freak out, there will still be dresses. And maybe a couple bows. But some people just go so far overboard with the pink. No frills please! If she grows up and decides that she's the girliest of the girls (I wouldn't be surprised), that's totally cool! I just want to give her the opportunity to decide. NOT that she'll remember what she's wearing when she's a few months old, but you get the gist. We're just weird hippies, roll with it.

So like I said, we also found out I'm a weekish less along which means homegirl will be making an appearance at more like the end of January instead of the middle. January 26th is the date our tech threw out. I'm cool with that! Just means I'll be slightly less about to pop around the holidays. And for that trip to New Orleans in December!

And for fun, we tried to get Sophie and Greg to celebrate their new sister with some pictures, but they were fairly uninterested. Even when bribed with treats. (My crazy-cat-lady-dom knows no bounds.)

I love those two. They've been the best support team. Always game to cuddle when I'm feeling down. Plus they're adorable. They've got their work cut out for them, but I think they'll be perfect older siblings.

Now we all know what kind of human we're cooking up! Honestly you guys, I'm just thrilled that it appears we are growing a healthy human in there. This has been a relatively rough pregnancy for me, it's nice to know that the Seahorse seems to be doing just fine regardless. A healthy Seahorse is all I'm asking for! But a girl Seahorse is also very awesome. :)

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