Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hoover Dam

What did the fish say when he ran into the wall? Just kidding guys. I only do corny jokes in real life. The Hoover Dam! This little stop on our trip was a pretty short one. We stopped on our way from the Grand Canyon to Vegas, you actually have to drive past it to get from point A to B so it was super convenient! The last time we were here, that big bridge in that photo was just being started. You had actually drive over the dam! Now you only drive over it if you go out of the way.

It was roughly 115 (like no lie) degrees out, so we made our way around the dam pretty quick and then jumped back into the car. We were pretty tired anyway from hiking around the Grand Canyon and then driving for hours. Oh plus, we almost starved to death in the desert. Not really, but seriously there was like no where to stop for 100 miles and we were (I was) starving. We had lunch at a gas station. I think I had macaroni salad (bleh), Cheetos, and a caffeine free diet coke. So healthy. Road trip food is hard when you're a vegetarian, but we got pretty good at it by the end of the trip. You get to know which fast food place has what, and how to scrape up a decent meal out of a gas station. (Note to self, next time pack PB&J fixings.)

ANYWAY, the point is, we were pretty beat when we made it to the Hoover Dam. God it was hot. But it is still an amazing sight, and always worth the stop. I love the mountains around here. They're so rugged and brown. And Lake Mead is the most amazing shade of turquoise, it's the prettiest ribbon of color winding through all that brown.

They have two pillars with clocks on them, giving each states time. And down the middle of the dam is the state line, so if you straddle it, you're in two places at once!

I blame the next two photos on the heat.

You gotta lean over the edge to get a picture, right? I'd love to take the tour down sometime. There's so much going on underground. Amazing to think of the building process. I can't really wrap my mind around it! Humans are awful sometimes, but they're also capable of making amazing things.

I mean, DAMN. Right? ;) It truly is a wonder. And just outside of Vegas! Like maybe thirty minutes. There are some pretty spectacular looking parks to play on Lake Mead on either side of the dam too. We were too tired to stop, but one day!

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