Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

HOPPY belated Easter! See what I did there? Clever girl. Mr. Hogan and I both worked, nothing new, and as per tradition, we dyed eggs, admired them for two minutes, and then peeled and ate them. Deviled of course. This has been going on for years. YEARS. I can't remember when we didn't do this. I remember dying eggs and giggling late at night in our tiny kitchen in Denton wearing bunny ears. The same ones I wore yesterday.

We were kind of on top of it this year, meaning that we at least had the whole rainbow of dye to choose from. However, we definitely bought eggs the day before and left them in our car for 6 hours. So I was that girl, at Walmart on Easter, buying eggs. I was at Walmart because HEB is closed for Easter, because they're nice. I hate Walmart.

SOPHIE! She hasn't graced the blogs presence in a while, so here she is, in all her majesty.

These eggs might look kind of MEH, but they're actually the prettiest we've made in a while. Sad, I know, but that's what you get without an egg dying kit. We do it the old fashioned way.

I have a thing with these kinds of pictures. I think it's like, here, let me hide my face with something so I don't have to worry about looking decent.

Typical Easter in the Hogan household! So typical, that the posts from 2013 and 2012 are eerily similar. Except I'm cuter back then. Fun fact, this blog celebrated it's three year birthday this month. WOOOO!

Usually the next step for Easter related things for us would be to raid the Easter aisle at CVS for clearance candy. However, we are attempting to give up packaged candy, so merp, none of that. Maybe. We don't celebrate Easter at all, aside from this, but this year I really had a hankering for an Easter egg hunt. Why don't adults partake in this? Why do the humans under 4 feet get to have all the fun? Another reason to reproduce? Or not to?

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