Monday, April 14, 2014


Sunday, Brendon and I got to go to the MotoGP finals at the Circuit of the Americas here in Austin! It was our first time going to anything like this and we HAD A BLAST. Oh man it was SO fun. If you ever have a chance, go go go! It's a three day event, but we just went to the last day. We had general admission tickets, so we didn't have seats, you just go any where you want and pick yourself a spot of grass to chill on. Definitely the way to go I think. We brought a little blanket to sit on and sat at a different spot for each race, so we got to see lots of different sections or turns. The course is HUGE. It's a winding 3.4 mile track that was built for Grand Prix races, the first in America! It's neat just to see the place! It's a monster of a complex! And although it looked like rain all day, it didn't do it! And the clouds kept it nice and cool.

As you might remember, we are proud motorcycle owners! We have a little Kawasaki Ninja 250. Although the bike, Little Darth Vader, is technically mine, I never ride it (ever), so it's really more Mr. Hogan's. He rides Darth every day. So we are into motorcycles! Brendon says next year we WILL be taking our motorcycles to the race. That means, we need another bike (ha), and I need to start riding again (HA). We'll see if that happens.

Before the races started they had some guys doing jumps on ramps. It was insane! Those dirt bikes can fly! These dudes were doing flips and crazy moves in the air, it was extra entertaining. The X Games will be in Austin this summer, I think that would be a lot of fun to check out!

If you drive a Ducati you get VIP parking in the middle of the event. There were just a few of them (sarcasm) and one of them was pink! Most of them were red and black though, mix up those colors Ducati.

And something must be said for the vegetarian options... there were SO MANY! I guess because it's Austin, but there was so much food to chose from, food trailers everywhere! We had lots of choices and that is rare, especially at an event. It's outrageously priced of course, but we were just so thrilled to have options that we didn't mind. And since they were established food trailers from town, it was all delicious!

There were three races Sunday, the Moto3 (250cc), Moto2 (600cc), and MotoGP (1000cc). My favorites were the Moto3 and MotoGP. I loved the Moto3 because these riders were teenagers. Seriously. Like 15, 16, 17 year olds. They guy who won was 19. So impressive. There was a 17 year old GIRL killing out there in this class with all the guys. I loved it! You go girl!! I also like the Moto3 class because that's the size bike we have! Wooo, baby bike!

The MotoGP race was obviously way more intense. There were two guys, on the same team, that slayed the course and were like a minute ahead of everyone. The guy in first held the lead by a whole lot the entire time and then almost ate it at the very last turn into the grandstands. He kept it together though and it was actually kind of hilarious. Also, there was a guy that went too early (poor dude!) at the start and had to do a penalty lap through the pit, but he ending up coming up from the back, passing half the folks out there, and getting 10th place! So cool. I loved it all. I loved how much fun they seemed to be having! They do a victory lap after they're done, and it was so sweet, they waved to everyone aaaaall the way around those 3.4 miles and would do wheelies and tricks for the crowd! Even the guys who didn't do well! It was the coolest thing, people just happy to do what they love for a living. And even though there were multiple wrecks, no one was seriously injured! Yay!

Hands down, one of the coolest things we've done in Austin so far. I can't wait until next year. And it definitely was incentive for me to get my weenie butt back on my bike! If a 17 year old chica can fly around those turns with all the guys, I can meander through Austin traffic!

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