Sunday, June 5, 2016

Magnolia Silos

This happened a while back, but babies man. They keep ya busy. The Magnolia Silos! The weekend Brendon had his lasik surgery I dragged him to Waco to go to Magnolia. I'm not sure he really saw much of it because he was basically blind, but we had a good time anyway. Or at least I did. ;)

For those of you who don't know about this place (is it possible?), Magnolia Silos are the massive retail storefront of Chip and Joanna's company on the show "Fixer Upper". I only stumbled upon this show by accident. We don't have regular tv or cable (we about dat Netflixxxx) so a lot of the times I'm clueless to tv shows unless someone recommends it. But at Thanksgiving my mom had the tv on and "Fixer Upper" was on. I was like hey this is cute. And then I saw it was based in Waco and I was like, say what?? I became obsessed with Waco when we moved to Temple, so I was obviously very interested. I watched the first season when I was preggo and the second when Indy was little bitty and still snoozed while I watched tv. Where's that third season at, Netflix? Anyway, the show is super cute. And the things they do to funky old houses is amazing. Joanna has crazy good taste and her and Chip (and their crazy big family of kiddos and animals) are adorable. What is that the youngins are saying? "Goals"? Except hold the four kids please.

The actual store/complex sells the sort of home decor stuff they use in the show, plus souvenirs, generally cute stuff, and a small amount of renovation materials. And it's all pretty marked up. Basically it's like Target. Don't go in if you don't want to watch your money fly away. The place is a money making machine. And even though the weather was questionable it was PACKED. They have food trucks outside and are going to open a bakery and garden shop soon. Just making allll the money. Those Gaineses are smart folks.

After taking this struggle bus selfie a kind woman offered to take our photo:

Why do photos taken by strangers ALWAYS come out extra awkward? Is it just us?

HEART EYES! He's so much better at this than me. I'm such a weakling.

And a parting shot of Brendon in his extra cool lasik shades and Indiana being the most adorable creature on the planet. This was at Dichotomy, which I recommend if you're in the market for real good coffee in Waco. It's a coffee wasteland between Austin and Dallas; this is an oasis. Also, Schmaltz's Sandwich Shop. Best cheese sandwich I've ever had.

Anyway, the Silos are worth a checkout if you're in the area. Just be prepared to buy a bunch of random things you absolutely do not need. But honestly, just give Waco a shot if you haven't. It's seriously a cool place. Highly underrated. Every time we go we find new reasons to love it.

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