Monday, June 20, 2016

First Father's Day

This picture... ha! Sunday was Brendon's first Father's Day. (Duh.) I wanted to take a bunch of pictures throughout the day, but ended up only getting some at breakfast and towards the end of the day I was like, oh whoops! But we got some good shots at Taco Cabana. ;)

Giving the side eye to the salsa bar. We were all a little on the sleepy side.

For Father's Day I just wanted to do whatever Brendon wanted to do, which was eat. (You're pretty limited with a baby.) He's the (veggie) burger king, so we went to Killeen to hit up Red Robin where they GAVE HIM A TURKEY BURGER. It looked sketch so he sent it back, but they said, no it's a veggie patty, so he ate a bite. And it was turkey. It was terrible. We'll probably never go back. Happy Father's Day, oh you're vegetarian? Here's some sneaky meat. He should have went with his gut. Otherwise it was a pretty chill day! We went grocery shopping, hung out at home, and I baked a thousand snickerdoodles for him and his coworkers. Not a bad day!

We tried taking pictures outside but the sun was too extreme for us vampires. Man, she looks so much like him. Thank goodness she at least got my eyes. SHE'S LIKE HARRY POTTER. "You look just like James. But you have your mother's eyes." Destined for greatness! Except hopefully not so much like HP that we die and she has to destroy a whole bunch of horcruxes and fight an evil dude to the death. Not that. Magic and Hogwarts though, that'd be cool.

Indiana loves him so much. He makes her so happy, she saves all the best smiles for her daddy. He will definitely be the "fun" parent, while I have to be the rational "bad guy". He loves that baby. He's already all kinds of wrapped around her finger. I mean, me too. But he's gonna spoil her rotten, even though he says he wont. ;) He's already the best daddy and I can't wait to watch those two get into shenanigans. Because there will be shenanigans. Years of them.

My people. I love them, so so much. Couldn't have picked a better daddy for my little monster.

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