Wednesday, January 20, 2016

39 weeks

Y'all! This could be the last one! WILL WE MAKE IT TO 40? Probably. Baby girl is still SO comfy in there, and seems to be very content with hanging out upside down and not having to deal with the real world. I get it little lady, I get it. But one week until the due date! Not that that is any indication that she'll arrive, but it's a goal to get to.

I'm trying these days to focus on remembering what it's like to be pregnant. What it's like growing this little Seahorse. This is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, and I want to soak it all in. I've been rushing and rushing for the past nine months, impatient to meet this little Hogan, but now that the end is near I find myself a little sad that it's almost over. And I do mean a little, I'm mostly thrilled to meet this girl and start the next BIG part of our adventure. But there is something really lovely and magical about growing a human. And having a built in little buddy. I'm nervous about what it's going to feel like to be... empty. It will be weird! And everyone is just so nice to you when you're pregnant, I'm gonna miss that. ;)

Thankfully I am feeling really really good. She's "dropped" so my back pain is basically gone unless I sit oddly or do something weird, and she's not so much right under my ribs any more, which is heavenly. I'm far more comfortable than I thought I'd be at this point which is making waiting, and enjoying, these last weeks easier. Overall, I think I've had it very very easy. I've spent a lot of time complaining about little things on this here blog, but I know it's been a much smoother ride than it could have been. I'm thankful for being healthy and making it to this point! The longer we're able to keep her in there the stronger (and chubbier! Eee!) she'll be. A healthy baby is all that matters.

But for real, we are ready for her to arrive! We've got everything in order that we could think of, and we even deep cleaned the house last weekend! My doctor is out of town today and tomorrow, but after that she can show up whenever! I'm just really really hoping she makes it by the end of January. I've got it set in my mind to have a January baby and it's doing all sorts of things to my brain realizing that she very well could come in February. It would be fine, obviously, but my dad and Brendon are the February babies, we've got no January birthdays! And I prefer January's birthstone over February's... so... ;) (Let me have my selfish moments while I can. I know karma is going to get me now for saying this and she'll be born February 1st at like 12:03am.)

Speaking of Brendon, he's still my hero. He's ready to meet the Seahorse as well and is forever checking on me and her. And making me go on walks. He was really trying to get her to show up this weekend while he had three days off. I think he's a little paranoid that I wont go to the hospital in time, but I think when the moment comes there will be no hesitation. Just keep that phone near you, Dr. Hogan, I'll let you know. And I have to share a gem from Boy Wonder, the other day while walking he said, "After the Seahorse is born you don't have to do anything. I'll take care of everything, I'll bring you food in bed, whatever you want. For like two days. Then you need to get up." Oh boo, you're too sweet. ;) I love that crazy boy. He's taking off TWO weeks when baby girl arrives and I'm feeling so lucky. My momma is also coming up to stay after she's born! Such a relief, knowing I'll have major back up. Because as I've said before, I'm flying blind here, what are babies?!

You're almost out of the woods with these bloated bathroom selfies. We're wrapping this whole thing up soon! So strange, but so exciting!

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