Friday, February 6, 2015


Round three, y'all. Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty. Did you know that she's got the shortest screen time of any Disney Princess? That movie is more about those fairies and Maleficent. And Prince Phillip. This is the first Disney Prince with a name. And personality. I had such a crush on him when I was a kid. Aurora is a stunner though, she's got fabulous hair. I've been watching each movie as I'm making the dresses and the first thing Dr. Hogan said when he saw her was, "she's got really nice hair." I mean, right?? Fabulous hair.

Sleeping Beauty came out in 1959. She's got the first slinky style dress, no big ball gown skirt for her. Her dress alternates from blue to pink via dueling fairies, and honestly I think during the film it spends more time blue, but she's always seen in the pink dress outside of the film. So I made a pink version! Because it's almost Valentine's Day, and I just did blue with Cinderella. I kind of wanted a mod style feel to her dress since the film was made at the end of the fifties. I'm so interested in how current fashion of the time effects costume design, especially when they're replicating a certain era. NERD ALERT. So for a modish vibe I picked a (very slight) drop waist pattern, Simplicity 1715, and free handed a pattern for a little collar (I love collars). I used some sort of mock-linen for the sleeves. I wanted the dress to be kind of rustic... even though it's pink... I mean, Aurora grew up barefoot in the woods! She and I have that in common.

The fabric for this dress was kind of crazy. It's a shimmery, spongy poly blend from the clearance section, and I used the wrong side of it. The face side is a metallic silvery pink. The back of it is a rich dark pink, with just the teensiest bit of shimmer from the face side. It's definitely not the softest thing in the world and it has a lot of stretch to it, but the color is fantastic and it drapes and pleats well. It just seems to pull every which way, especially when you're sewing. Straight, even seams... nah.

Goofball photo number one... but I love the waistline! And that fabric moves so well! And it totally matches my hair, which is now a fun shade of magenta.

Real quick, we've got to discuss this pattern. It's an "Amazing Fit" pattern, which I've never used before. Turns out, they're kind of silly. I eventually completely disregarded the instructions because they are full of all kinds of extra steps (putting the dress together with a one inch basted seam allowance, marking your adjustments, taking it apart, and putting it back together? WHAT?). I guess it's good if you're learning to adjust patterns to your size, but ain't nobody got time for that. I'm the world's most impatient sewer. I'm all about doing things the quick way. And cutting corners. And paying for it later. As you do. But anyways, I will probably be staying away from "Amazing Fit" patterns from here on out. Or just disregarding the instructions.

I'm pretty happy with it. I think I'll wear it on Valentine's Day while I consume all the carbs for the Half Marathon. And smooch on my husband.

Aaaaand I leave you with this:

Disney Princess of Awkardness. Brendon told me to dance with an imaginary prince like Aurora does while singing Once Upon a Dream. Why are my hands so big? And where my owl, birdies, and bunnies at?

Until next time, y'all. Who do you think is next? Hmmm??? See the other Princesses of Disney here!

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