Friday, February 20, 2015


WOOO first Disney Princess that I was alive for! Barely alive. Like 1 year old. The first Princess with a tail, Ariel! She was the first angsty princess too. "But daddy, I LOVE HIM!" Girl was 16 and in love with a prince she saw, like saw as in zero interaction, for like under half an hour. But love at first sight I guess. And hey, first redhead! I loved the Little Mermaid. Mostly because of the songs. I think this is the first Disney film Alan Menken wrote the songs to. Under the Sea? Kiss the girl? Such a riot. Also, y'all all know you were instantly Ariel as soon as you got into the pool. Flippin' yo fins. I remember going to the river when I was little and busting up onto a rock Ariel style. Chest out. Maybe even tossing my hair around? Don't lie, you all did it too.

Ariel has quite a few outfits to chose from. Unlike the previous Princesses who have a very set "Princess" outfit, Ariel has a bunch. Her promo outfit as a Disney Princess is a sea foam green concoction that doesn't even exist in the film. Not sure how that happened. Google it, it's odd. So I just went with what she wears most often and is most easily recognizable, the seashell bra and tail combo. Classic Ariel.

So I guess this isn't really a dress. It's a pencil skirt and bustier. I wasn't trying to go full on Selena bra top, I needed a little more coverage. So it's a long bustier and a high waisted skirt. I also went with separates because the Little Mermaid came out in 1989, so I feel like the style and these bright colors kind of fit that time. It's like a power suit. But cuter.

I used Burda 6970 for the top and Simplicity 2154 for the skirt. The top is made out of fairly simple purple poplin.The skirt is made out of outerwear fabric I found on clearance. I added a lining because I wasn't sure how jacket fabric would work as a skirt, but it's actually super great! Really comfy. Both these things fit me like a glove and were sewn with much more precision than Aurora's (yay stable fabric!), so that was refreshing. And forgive the photos for lying to you, both the purple and green are much brighter in real life. The dusky light didn't do me any favors.

Too bad my hair isn't still bright red, eh? Overall I'm pretty dang happy with how this came out. It was fun and easy to put together. And comfy. I love comfy. I think I'll get a lot of use out of both pieces, together and/or apart. The top will be super fun this summer! Or, you know, in February. Because it's Texas and I was definitely not cold taking these photos.

And now for the usual weirdness, me acting like a fish? Because that makes sense?

????? After taking these Brendon was like, "yeah, Ariel wasn't a fish." Shut up. Speaking of Brendon, he is finally home from his first of six workweeks away and I'm thrilled. The Hogans don't do well apart.

I'm sorry, I just had to. Missed that creep.

Next up, we break into the nineties! Check out the rest of the gang here!

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