Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hogan (and other things)

Great Scott! I haven't blogged in over a month! Completely skipped February. OOPS, blame it on life. BUT FIRST, that very cute husband of mine just had a birthday, so let me love-vomit onto the internet for a bit.

And oh, do I LOVE that man. I am so so thankful that he was born 26 years ago. We've been together since he was 17, so I've been lucky enough to watch him grow into the wonderful and weird human he is today. He's such a good guy, y'all. I mean, the sweetest. And the most patient. And so smart and funny and weird. And he works his butt off everyday and I love to see it pay off for him. Brendon is one of those people that says, okay, I'm going to do that. And even if that is something insanely difficult and seems impossible, he does it. He makes me want to work harder and be better, because that's he does everyday. And he loves me. No matter what. No matter how grumpy or feisty or lazy or sleepy I am, he loves me all the same and makes me feel like a princess. He's my safe place, warm and fuzzy. Not literally. I mean, I guess literally too? Anyway, February 28th is definitely a day to celebrate. Glad you were born Mr. Hogan, you are my favorite.

This little month between our birthdays is the "I'm dating an older man" month. He's 26 now and I'm still a young 25. What an old fart! We celebrated his birthday with donuts, gardening, and veggie burgers. Oh and a movie on the couch. He had recently passed the cold he just got over to me, so I spent his birthday sick. Whomp whomp. We're always sick. Perks of going and going nonstop. But regardless of me feeling funky, it was a good day! For me anyway!

So what went down between my last post and now? Well, February happened. And February was a busy hectic INSANE month for me. LOTS of working. Like, A LOT. But, I got a promotion, woo! And we ran! A LOT. We've been stepping up our running game, which is I think the only new years resolution I've kept. I've got my eye on a half marathon and although we're SO far away from that business, we're running more often and I'm slowly but surely getting stronger. I don't know about faster though. Working on the faster. Distance and speed? Sheesh! One at a time please.

Oh my gosh and the Winter Olympics happened. I was ADDICTED. I watched it almost every night. Like, really, I think I missed two evenings. I LOVE that nonsense. I love how talented all those folks are and the insane things they can accomplish with their bodies. Also, how EXCITED they are! The skiers and snowboarders were my favorite, they were all just so happy! Even if they didn't win! Just thrilled to be there, happy to be doing what they love. The skaters, figure and speed, on the other hand were SO intense. And there was figure skating dramaaaaa of course. Ashley Wagner was robbed I tell you, robbed. But seriously, the Olympics consumed my life for a good two weeks+. I can't wait for them to be back. Four years!!!

The weather has been ridiculous, as Texas winters always are. 80 degrees one day, 30 the next. I guess it's always like this in the winter, but this year just seems abnormally bipolar. And we've had a lot of cold days. A lot of freezing. Which sounds whiny, but this is Texas! We can't handle too much of that!

And as I've resorted to talking about the weather, I think I'll end this post before I ramble off into oblivion. Sorry there aren't more exciting things to report about my month off of blogging. I'll try to do and document more things. Meanwhile, you stay classy, internet.

(And because I find it enjoyable, other birthday crown appearances. I'm hoping that giant thing lasts forever.)

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