Monday, May 30, 2011

Sophie decides to be cute and we attempt to get the heck out of Dodge (Denton)

This is a rare moment for Miss Sophie and I. Not only am I home and able to cuddle, but she's being friendly enough to do so! If that makes her sound like a grumpy old sourpuss, it's only half true. She's very sweet when she wants to be, but it usually has to be her idea. So, I take what I can get and am typing over and around a plump little kitty while she purrs and looks cute. :)

And please excuse the wildness that is my hair, apparently I ate something no bueno last night and spent the majority of my usual sleepy time being very sick. Totally lame, but after about 5 hours of being sick (that Brendon somehow managed to sleep through) I finally was able to snooze off, and thankfully I got to sleep in this morning. So I am semi-rested and ready for the move-a-thon.

In other news, my left shift key isn't working properly! What a pain! Seriously though, we're just about all packed up (like no silverware for breakfast this morning because it's in a box) and ready to head to Austin. We're loading up the uhaul tomorrow and heading down Wednesday morning. Ahhh! So crazy! Yesterday was my last shift at work, after 4 years at one company it's surreal to say the least. I was ready to leave but it's definitely going to take some getting used to. Can't believe it's all really happening!

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