Monday, May 23, 2011

One more week

We are so busy! I thought we'd be able to relax some before we move, but dang, we're going nonstop! Any free time at home we get we pack or glue ourselves to the couch and watch tv. I think it might be more tv than packing but whatever.

This is our sweet new couch! Our old couch gave us many years of good relaxation, but it was falling apart and due for retirement. Sophie and Greg had literally pulled a side of it off, plus it was a sleeper sofa and the bed part of it was busted. It was just a hot mess, and we didn't feel it was worth it to move it. We were planning on just waiting until we got to Austin to get a new couch, but we came into some Macy's gift cards after the wedding and got a sweet deal on a floor model at a Macy's up here on clearance, so we decided we couldn't pass the deal up and got one before we moved. Moving the old couch down the stairs and the new one up was an experience, but I am very proud to say that Brendon and I did it all by ourselves! I don't mean to brag, but for me that's pretty impressive. Now we have to just do it again next week. Plus a bunch of other stuff.

This craziness is what our living room looks like right now. CHAOS! But on the bright side, we've packed a bunch of stuff! We still have a whole lot left to go, but we're making progress! It's exciting but sad. We were packing up photos and knickknacks from the living room and I started crying! We have had so many happy memories in this apartment, it's been so good to us. If I could live here forever I think I might (well... only if the kitchen were bigger. It's a giant apartment with a tiny tiny kitchen! Makes no sense.). But we will have many new memories to make in our new place and our new city! Just need to keep telling myself that.

Last night we went to Babe's with a bunch of our friends (who are aaaaamazing and I am going to miss so much!) for a going away feast, and a feast it was! I have seriously never been so full in my entire life. It was so good, I couldn't stop eating. The chicken fried steak, the potatoes, the BISCUITS! All covered in gravy.... mmmm..... Why does my life feel like it often revolves around food?

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