Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pumpkin carving 2016

WADDUP I LOVE PUMPKINS. I love holidays. Any excuse to do anything festive. But I loooove Halloween. It's just so fun. That's what Halloween is, pure fun. I mean, yeah it can be scary too, but I ain't about that life. For me it's just fun. And PUMPKINS! Ah! They're fun too! The most wonderful time of the year begins when those pumpkins start sneaking out.

Brendon and I have carved pumpkins together every year for the past I dunno, decade? But last year we invited people over to carve them with us and it was a blast. So this year we did the same! (I can't wait until we've got a bigger place and can finally throw a real Halloween party!!! You're all invited.)

Here are some very candid slightly low quality photos. It's hard to take good photos while also keeping a baby out of too much pumpkin trouble! Also Indiana is topless because she puked on her dress right as we started carving. Babies, man.

Indiana was helping Amy, by eating her pumpkin.

Indiana really likes pumpkins. Maybe because they're big and orange? Who knows, but she loves 'em.

The final products! Ben's, Amy's, Ben's (we had two Bens!), and the Hogans' pumpkins!

Brendon and I carved a joint pumpkin this year since we knew one of us would have to watch Indy. So we found the biggest pumpkin we could. Brendon cleaned it out, I carved it, and when we were done... we put our baby in it.

Contrary to this face she's making, she loved it. She was dancing and smiling and was pretty dang content to just hang out in a pumpkin. Best (and weirdest?) baby award.

And of course, we had to light them up! Everyone left their pumpkins with us for the night so our place looks like the coolest porch in the hood!

Halloween is the best! I'll be sad when it's over. But that means Turkey Day is coming and that means Christmas is coming and it's just the best time of the year!

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