Sunday, October 23, 2016

9 Months

Nine months, y'all! Nine months with this little monster and these photos are getting harder and harder to take! Luckily daddy was home this go round so I had some help in getting her attention. She's just so wiggly!

I got a whopping two photos of her on her back before she flipped over to eat those letters.

This past month has been WILD. It's been a really good month, but it's also been challenging. Indiana has been the feistiest she's been in months, and her sleep has been wacky which definitely hasn't helped. But she has been developing like crazy and with developmental leaps comes some growing pains. It's all worth it, she's morphed into a whole new baby in the past month. And "grumpy" Indiana is still mostly a happy camper. She's just very... intense about how she feels. If she's happy, you know it, and if she's not... well, you know it!

Her face is like, Mom. These photos are BORING.

So here's the fun stuff! In the past month Indiana has started sitting up on her own, army crawling everywhere, and pulling up on stuff. And she'll "walk" if we hold her hands and help her. She is everywhere and into everything. She can clap and "dances" to music. She's learned to drink out of a straw and oh my gosh that girl can put away some food. She loves to eat and she eats pretty much everything we do! We stay away from processed/packaged food, salt, sugar, and allergen type things (and we're vegetarian so no meat) but otherwise she's a little piggy who will grab whatever you put in front of her and shove it in her mouth. It's a lot of fun.

Indiana is a goof. Her personality is blooming by the day and it's been a blast to experience. She still loves being out and about and people watching, although she's all into burying her head in my chest and peeking out to give shy flirty smiles when she meets new people. (I LOVE IT.) And I love her "hugs". She'll wrap her arms around my neck and I just die. Right before I lay her down for her naps I sing her "Edelweiss" and sometimes she'll snuggle into my neck and lay her head on my shoulder with her arms around me while I sing. I never ever want to let go, laying her down is nearly impossible!

Climbing on mama (and everything) also a new favorite hobby!

She's so wonderful. Slightly exhausting, but wonderful. And every time I think, "oh my gosh, I'm tired" I make myself remember those days around 3-4 months when she was up every hour or so at night and would only fall asleep if I rocked her. Bleh! This is nothin'!

We're rapidly closing in on A YEAR of life with this wonder baby, and it's blowing my mind! It feels both like just yesterday that she was born, and also like a million years ago! I can't imagine life without Indiana, she's da best.

Here's the rest of Indiana's first year so far!

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