Monday, July 18, 2016

Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake

Day two in Utah! Our second day there we went to check out the Great Salt Lake before it got too hot again. Antelope Island is an island in the Great Salt Lake (from here on out known as GSL cause ain't nobody got time for that). It's the craziest thing, you drive forever through the suburbia of Salt Lake City and then all of a sudden there's salt flats and no more civilization. The island has a ton of birds, bison, and antelope on it and has a real good beach if you want to swim in the GSL. We got there before 9 and left a little after noon so it was pretty cool temp-wise. It's a deserty sort of place, as you can imagine an island surrounded by salt might be, but still very pretty. And the animals! So neat.


BISON! Like right there!! There were herds and herds of them. Just chillin' on their island. The antelope were a little harder to spot but we saw a few.

We drove down the island to Fielding Garr Ranch, one of the oldest working ranches in the western US. It's next to one of the springs on the island so it was a nice spot of green in a generally brown landscape.

One of the herds of bison we saw! So neat. I'm such an animal freak, I loved seeing them!

After driving around the island and saying hi to the bison we headed to the "beach" to check out the GSL. We didn't swim since it was only like seventy something out, but I wish we had, the water felt so good!

The huge downside of the GSL? All that brown stuff near the water's edge? Gnats. Or flies. Or something. Swarms and clouds of them. MILLIONS. They look like dirt, but it's swarms of flies. I've never seen so many bugs in my entire life. It was crazy. Thankfully they weren't biting gnats or flies (because apparently those exist on the island too), so Brendon just stomped through them and I followed. Once you're into the water there's no bugs!

The water is crystal clear and so so refreshing. It's beautiful. It was a perfectly clear day out, the water just sort of melted into the sky. I could have hung out there forever, but Indiana was like NOPE.

HA, Indiana was not a happy camper. She was over the GSL. She was all about the restaurant by the beach though! We stopped there before heading out because I was huuungry. They had surprisingly good veggie burgers!

Look how clear! It was like the beach! I wish we could have swam, or floated, but I think Indy might have been a little too chilly afterwards. Next time! ;)

That's pretty much it for day two. After Antelope Island we headed back to the hotel for Indiana to get a good nap in and then had some dinner downtown. When your baby goes to sleep at 6:30 your evenings are pretty short. I'm all about that though, I passed out around 8 every night. I think I made it to 9 once to see the sunset. Grandma!

Next up... mountains!!

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