Monday, November 23, 2015

K&K in Temple!

Visitors are always a good thing. And when your visitors happen to be your best friend and her daughter, it's extra good. Kristy and Kennedy were unable to go to the baby shower, so instead they came for a whole weekend! Which was totally better because we got to spend way more time together, sans the chaos of an event.

We had a very relaxing weekend, just hanging out. Which was pretty perfect because the past week had been a wee bit too stressful for my liking. It was a good week, but I was thrilled to take a break! One of my favorite things about Kristy is that we can just sit around and talk and relax. And it's pretty much the best. Kennedy kept us entertained with her shenanigans and love of Disney movies. I watched Descendants this weekend, and oh my gosh. Too much for even me! But she loves it! Oh and Kennedy and Brendon had an epic chess match. Five-year-olds that can play chess are pretty impressive.

We ventured into Belton Sunday for some sunshine, crisp weather, and brunch before they had to skedaddle and snuck in some pictures. All of these photos are totally stolen from Kristy. No shame in my game.

Just casually stealing Kennedy and pretending she's our offspring. Also, these are my preggo boots, I wear them almost everyday. They are SO COMFY, but not really that attractive. Good thing about being pregnant is: comfort > attractiveness, hands down.

Laaaadies... Kennedy is the queeeen of making crazy faces. Never a dull moment with that firecracker.

Okay okay okay, this. Heart melting! Kennedy kept patting my belly and saying, "Hello baby!" and it was beyond adorable. She was so so gentle. As she was leaving we were talking about how she'll get to meet the baby soon and she said, "And I can hold her! I've never held a baby before!" SO SWEET. The Seahorse has such a good cousin (and Aunt!) looking out for her in Dallas!

One of the few bright and sunshiney parts of living in Temple is that we are only two hours from Dallas! So we're hoping to make Dallas/Temple trips a regular thing. We got to see Kennedy grow from her mommy's belly to the crazy smart kid she is now, and I want the same for them and the Seahorse! So prepare yourselves K&K for lots of baby visits! :)

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