Monday, November 30, 2015

Being thankful

A sort of Thanksgiving post! Quite a few days late... but that's life isn't it?

I took about three photos on Thanksgiving and none of them contained humans. So here's Brendon and I decorating our tree over the weekend. Which is more Christmasy than Thanksgiving, but whatever! Turkey Day is the gateway to Christmas.

I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving, full of food, family and friends, relaxation; whatever floats your boat. We did our usual family hopping, so we had two meals in one day. It was fantastic, though by the end of the day I seriously thought I might be going into labor from fullness. I felt like I was going to POP.

I thought a lot over the weekend about being thankful and all the things I'm thankful for. What started out as a lovely weekend ended up with me basically being an immobile achy baby by Sunday. I'm not sure if I've just officially entered the rough stage of late pregnancy or if I just had too much fun (running a 5k followed by multiple long car rides? YOU WILL PAY!), but I have been struggling. So thinking of the many things I'm thankful for is a sort perfect therapy. This is written more for me than anyone else. I am a very lucky human and have a gazillion things to be thankful for, but I'd like to touch on the big ones.

I am very thankful to be where we are. I'm thankful that we're here in Temple, that Brendon is doing what he loves, and that I have the chance to be a partial stay at home catmom/baby grower. We are very lucky to be where we are in life, and although it did come with a lot of hard work, I'm thankful that we're here. Yes, I am thankful to be in Temple, which I like more everyday. Someone slap me.

I'm thankful for family. I have a crazy typical American family with a heaping dash of dysfunction and quirks, and I love it. There's nothing perfect or normal about our family, but I am very glad for every last one of them. Even if they stress me out (multiplied by hormones) and I may grumble about them, they are all wonderful. I am especially grateful for my parents, who have been extra supportive during this crazy time of growing a human. You guys are gonna be the best grandparents. I'm real thankful for that.

My grandpa passed away over the weekend, an odd thing to mention during a list of thankfulness, I know. But we were luckily able to see right before, and I'm thankful for that. He wasn't able to say much, but he was awake and he knew who we were. We told him about his great grand-baby again and he rubbed my belly for a while and mouthed the word baby. Beyond him to have been able to meet our little lady, I can't have asked for much more. I'm not one to get real sentimental, but you guys, that was a moment for me. One I will never ever forget. Being able to say goodbye isn't something everyone gets the chance to do, and I'm very grateful that we were able to.

I am so so thankful for the little life growing in my ever expanding belly! This girl is wrecking havoc on my body right now, but I'm so grateful for the ability and chance to be her mom that it's totally okay. Every time she kicks me, even when it hurts, it's a happy moment. Because she's alive and healthy and I suspect... a little feisty! Sometimes I think about meeting her and her actually being here and I can't handle it. I just want to explode with excitement. Don't get me wrong, I'm extra nervous and slightly terrified, but deep down I know it will all be okay. And it will all be worth it. There's a big change for us right around the corner and I don't think any one is ever ready for it, but gosh, I'm thankful for it. I am so thankful for her.

You knew this was coming, but damn, I am so thankful for Brendon. Y'all don't even know. There aren't enough words out there to describe the depth of my love and gratitude for that man, especially these days. He is my rock and my sunshine and my home. I am beyond thankful that he found me and that we've had so many adventures all these years. And I honestly don't know how I would survive being pregnant without him. This is a group effort, for sure. He has been there for me every second of the way and I would have legit perished on the couch months ago without him. He is the most patient human in the world with me. And I mean, with me, because I don't know if you've dealt with Brendon, but he does not have a whole bunch of patience in general. But with me, endless patience. Not something I can say for myself. He listens to me complain, does anything and everything he can for me, supports me in every endeavor, and loves me no matter how puffy and zit covered I might be. He loves the Seahorse and talks to her and rubs my belly and says he can't wait to meet her and I die every time. He's the best thing in the world, and I am so so SO thankful for him.

Those are the big ones. I am a lucky lady. Hormones, exhaustion, and pain (the joys of pregnancy!) are keeping me from functioning at my highest level of sunshine and rainbows, but through it all, I am so happy. I have low moments, but it doesn't take much to remind me that I am fortunate. And even at the lowest moments, I am thankful. (But for real though, the back pain can skedaddle whenever it wants.)

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