Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This photo has little to do with anything, but what's a post without a photo? It's statistically proven that the internet loves cats, so here is sweet Greg, helping me sew. 

Here we are guys, mid September. WHATTHAHECK? It's basically fall. The highs all week are sub 90 (hey, it's Texas, we'll take what we can get), and pumpkins have made their appearance at HEB. I've been integrating leggings back into my wardrobe and planning Halloween costumes. (WHAT SHOULD I BE?)  What have you been up to? I've been working working working. Running a store means periods of relative peace, and periods of chaos. This is a period of chaos, but I sort of thrive in that environment, so it's okay. I go into workaholic mode and become sort of addicted to work. I worked 56+? hours last week between both jobs, and secretly loved it. Don't get me wrong though, I'm tired and prefer the periods of peace.

Mr. Hogan is somehow already wrapping up his second of six rotations, and honestly it's been lovely. I mean, at least for me. Everyone warned us about rotations and how hard they'd be, but really, it's been great. It's just like he has a job. That he pays to go to? There's no class, no studying. When he's home, he's home. We can chill and play and relax without the stress of school. Our theory is that everyone thinks rotations are so hard because they've been perpetual students for almost a decade and most don't know what it's like to work 40+ hours a week. And it is a big change. Pharmacy school is hard, no doubt, but you're sitting most of the time and even though it's a lot of mental work, you're not actively "working". I can definitely see how rotations could be a rough change. But Brendon is a hustler by nature and no stranger to work, so it's been a smooth transition. So far. We're only two rotations in, there could be some nasty ones in the future. Like the one in another city where he lives away from me for six weeks. That's going to be fun. 

Sewing season has begun. I'm working on my dirndl number three (one and two here) and obviously have a Halloween costume to make. I'm having a hard time deciding what to be this year. I'm sure, as always, I'll wait until the last minute to throw it together. Feels good to be sewing for myself! 

And hallelujah we made it through summer without giving up on running. Kept it up all through the heat, running 3-4 days every dang week, aside from our vacay in Colorado. It's been cooling down and I've been so grateful that we stuck it out all summer. Every day our runs get faster, thank goodness for fall temperatures. We've got the five mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and then the Austin Half Marathon in February. Eeeee! 13.1 miles! We haven't been able to add much distance over the summer, I think our longest run was seven miles, so it's time to start ramping up the distance! Our longest run in the spring was ten miles... ready to beat that! 13.1, I'm coming for you.

Hurray for fall. My most favorite time of the year is beginning and I couldn't be happier. Now bring on more cold fronts!!

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